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[NDLC] Lucky Chance Only 3 Days | Just Venus, Aka Bomb Full Package (LE)

Dec 2, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Lucky Chance Only 3 Days (Dec 03, 2010. ~ Dec 05, 2010.)

      Just Venus, Aka Bomb Full Package (LE)


      + Contemporary Art Doll, Just Venus, Aka Bomb (LE) +

      Korea Modern Fine Art Invitation Exhibition for 30th Anniversary of Establishment Diplomatic Relations between Korea and UAE

      'Finding beauty of Love and Peace'

      If you visit the National Museum of Arts in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates on June 26 ~ July 3, 2010, you can see the exhibition about our doll 'Just Venus, Aka Bomb (LE)', too.

      The Contemporary Art Doll, Aeyork is proud to present its our latest art works 'Just Venus, Aka Bomb (LE)'


      For the most delicate one.
      Pure blood and beautiful heart.
      Notdoll Lab Creation.

    2. Was the on-topicness of this doll ever decided? The archived threads from May were locked while the mods discussed it, but they weren't updated.
    3. I'm quite sure she's off topic. Still really neat though.
    4. Yes, I would think she'd be off topic!

      I agree-- she is extremely interesting.
    5. Thanks all. The Mods are discussing this doll's on/off topicness.
    6. The Venus Bomb doll is off-topic for DoA, since the lacks arms, and also joints in the knees and ankles.