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[NDLC] Nobility's new dolls available & low-priced shipping

Jul 6, 2007

    1. [NDLC] Nobility's new dolls available & low-priced shipping
      :This only applies to (Notdoll Lab Creation Site : http://notdolllab.com) orders.

      First of all Thank you for having an interest in our dolls.

      We appreciate your concern about our notdoll lab creation now.

      Notdoll Lab Creation offers Low-priced EMS shipping for Nobility doll purchase.

      You are able to estimate your shipping fee as putting items at shopping cart.

      Shipping Fee is Only $39.00 for Nobility Doll Buyers(each ond doll) :

      1. Full operation Royma buyer - shipping fee is $39.00
      2. Lie buyer - shipping fee is $39.00
      3. Lie Head buyer - shipping fee is $39.00
      4. Dreaming Lie buyer - shipping fee is $39.00
      5. Dreaming Lie Head buyer - shipping fee is $39.00
      6. Emotional boy body buyer - shipping fee is $39.00

      7. RIN nurse ver.1 - 10LE - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      8. RIN nurse ver.2 - 10LE - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      9. RIN - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      10. DEW school look ver.1 - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      11. Rion Head - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      12. Rion - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      13. Lie & Emotional Body - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)
      14. Rosemarin - shipping fee is $39.00 (NEW)


      [Notdoll Lab Creation's Order Procedures]

      1. Customers place order from our NDLC website. (http://notdolllab.com)

      2. Customers will get automatical notice e-mail.

      3. Customers make payments with in 3days. (our paypal : notdolllab_help@hotmail.com)

      4. NDLC confirms payments. (usually takes 1-2 working days)

      5. NDLC prepares orders. (usually takes 2-3 weeks)

      6. NDLC ships orders to Customer through EMS.

      7. NDLC sends EMS Tracking Code and invoices.

      8. NDLC confirms when Customer received orders.

      If you have any futher question, send mail to me or do write that on NOTDOLL LAB board.

      Thank you so much for visits our site and use.

      We will try do our best.

      Have a nice & happy day-

      Sincerely, Notdoll Lab Creation - http://notdolllab.com