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[NDLC] Princess P. 3rd. The Blind - 2010 Summer Event

Jul 19, 2010

    1. + Princess P. 3rd. The Blind +













      ▶ Information of 'Princess P. 3rd. The Blind'

      Type | NDLC Princess - 'Princess P.'

      Birth | 2008. 04

      Height | 43cm

      Skin | Crystal skin Rose White (This doll has been made of the best quality resin)

      Size |

      Girth of the head: About 7inch

      Girth of the neck: 7.3cm

      Girth of the chest: 17cm

      Girth of the waist: 15cm

      Girth of the hips: 19cm

      Width of the shoulder: 9.5cm

      Length of the arms: 12.3cm - without hand

      Girth of the arm: 5.5cm

      Length from bellybutton to foot: 24cm

      Length from shoulder to hip: 11cm

      Girth of the thigh: 10cm

      Girth of the calf: 8cm

      Length of the feet: 5.5cm

      Width of the feet: 2.8cm

      Included with |

      1. Face-up completed A 'Princess P. 3rd. The Blind' Head + Body - Assembling

      2. 14 mm White Blind Eyes

      3. 7~8 Inch White Blind Mohair

      4. Default Box + 2 Blankets

      5. Notdoll Lab Creation Certificate

      6. EMS Shipping is Free

      Manufacturer | Notdoll Lab Creation

      Producer | BR. J

      Sculpture | Notdoll Lab Creation

      Makeup | Gahee Jho

      Note |

      1. Dress in the image are not included.

      2. The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

      3. We can be shipped within 20~30 days. Making time about 3~4 weeks.

      For the most delicate one.
      Pure blood and beautiful heart.
      Notdoll Lab Creation_