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[NDLC] Special Present For You | Aletheia & Belladonna

May 7, 2009

    1. http://notdoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=473

      ▶Special Free Present For You | Aletheia & Belladonna

      First of all thank you for having an interest in our dolls.

      We appreciate your concern about our Notdoll Lab Creation now.

      We’d like to express our gratitude for your attention.

      So we have special event for all our doll customer.

      If you buy some our doll during 5.MAY.2009 ~ 5.JUNE.2009.

      We will give a specail Aletheia doll and a specail Belladonna head for two custmers.

      And all the other applicants will get free gift of a eyeballs.

      If you want to join this event :

      1. Make a order in our site.

      2. For our consideration, please send your email to - notdolllab@hotmail.com

      This is email application form ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Title : [Wish doll / Your full name]

      Contents :

      - Your NDLC user ID and NDLC order No.

      - A message saying why do I wish the doll.

      - Also please include your current home address(for shipping).


      Result will be presented at 'NDLC News' on JUNE, 15, 2009.

      Easy Entry. You might be able to win this event.

      We hope you enjoy this event!

      If you have any futher question, send mail to us or do write that on NOTDOLL LAB board.

      Thank you so much for visits our site and use.

      Have a nice & happy day-

      Sincerely, Notdoll Lab Creation - http://notdolllab.com

      * NDLC Lady, Aletheia *

      * NDLC Lady, Belladonna Head *