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nDoll Aki and Aiko discussion

Mar 10, 2010

    1. -news thread



      :D I love Aiko. She reminds me of Little Monica Yuria, but plumper (Little Monica and nDoll are both the same sculptor).
    2. aaah, I am in love with Aiko too. I am considering getting just her head.... I have Little Monica Yuria, and while I like her, something just has not *clicked* with us. She's had three faceups and we are still not really bonding. But when I saw Aiko, it was instant love...so I may sell Yuria's head and replace it with Aiko for my character. The sculpts are very similar (I sat and studied them yesterday, with Yuria sitting beside my computer :) ) Aiko's eyes are a little different, especially the shape of the lower lids; and her lips are fuller. She is soo beautiful!
    3. Aiko is cute! She reminds me a bit of Volks F-34. They've done a lovely job with her!
    4. Well, I caved and ordered a WS Aiko head last night...will post pics as soon as she's arrived. So excited!! I very rarely fall in love with a face at first glance, but there is something special about her.... :)
    5. Yaaaaay! Congrats Sylphide! Can't wait to see what she looks like in owner pics!
    6. Ooh, congrats Sylphide! :)

      I think Aiko does look a little more expressive than Yuria somehow - maybe it is the eyes as you said; Aiko seems very alert. And I can see the F-34 resemblance too now that you mention it.

      nDoll seems to like getting different faceup artists and costumers to do variations of their dolls, judging by all the versions of Louis and Luna, so hopefully they'll show Aiko and Aki in different styles too. I think Aiko would look so pretty in dark straight hair, with bangs.
    7. I agree! I was thinking of purchasing her head for my Version 2 of my first girl (an SD10 Megu) who has the default Megu wig. XD
    8. Congrats sylphide!!!!

      A pity your yuria doesn't work out though. Please post comparison of yuria and aiko as soon as you get her!!!!
    9. I don't really care about Aki, but Aiko is such a beauty. :aheartbea I try to have some plan when getting new dollies, but some how I seem to fail. I don't really need 'just another pretty girl', but she's just so... pretty. *_* I also love the way they used those mismatched eyes in her selling pictures. Unfortunately I don't have any money at the moment, but maybe someday... Though there is so many others on that 'someday list'. :sweat

      Congratulations for Sylphide for getting her!
    10. woot!! Just checked the nDoll site this morning and my Aiko head has shipped!! :D I did order her without a faceup, but still, that's pretty fast. I will try to post pics by the end of the week!
    11. whoa, congrats sylphide!!! That's so awesome!!!

      Can't wait to see your aiko ^o^
    12. Yaaaay!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see her!
    13. Thanks for sharing pics of her!! I'm pretty sure I want her to be the 2.0 version of my first doll. XD
    14. Another version of Aiko with a different faceup: http://www.ndoll.net/skin/shop.php?PG=view&uid=5432

      I've got to give huge props to nDoll's faceup artist(s) - they manage to make the same mold look so different every time. I used to think Aiko looked a little like F-34, early DIM and maybe Customhouse, but in this new version makeup she almost resembles DoD's E-An. *__* I'm impressed.
    15. the first Aiko looked like F-34 or DIM? The first thing that came into my mind when I saw her for the first time : DOC Twingkey....?

      Especially this very first photo : http://www11.icomis.com/~medicom/image/ndoll/100304_AIKO_1.jpg
      isn't she very Twinkey-ish? ^^;;;

      And Aiko with the new faceup, instead of E-an she really reminds me of Iplehouse *_*
      Maybe it's her full lips.....
    16. wondering if anyone here ordered an Aki? XDD
      I think I'm madly in love with the mold after seeing the 2nd ver!!
      I'm already very smitten with him the first time he's released *_______* but the 2nd one really just made me feel... sold haha
    17. not yet, I think.... you'll be the first one if you order him :)

      I want to see him ^o^
    18. awww XDD
      i think it might take a while before I can have him ;~;
      hopefully someone getting him soon!!! XDDD