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ndoll dolls - Louis and Luna

Oct 24, 2009

    1. I must say i felt in love in Luna and I am also wondering is anyone plan to buy this sweet girl :)
    2. I'm not sure about them either, but I really adore Luna in both versions (Maple and Natural). I found this thread while searching for info too.
    3. They have just been released recently...they are so pretty and have a Little Monica-ish feel to them (not to mention that they are on LittleMonica bodies :lol: )

      I wonder if NDoll commissioned them or something^^
    4. They're both so beautiful! I'm doomed, two of my characters have suddenly decided to inhabit those as their doll forms....
      Which is bad as I said from now on I'd only look at MSDs... :sweat
    5. Gosh they're beauties! The blushing is really well done~ I really like Louis, he's gorgeous! :D
    6. does that mean I could get a body later through little Monica? I noticed on Ndoll they were selling the heads separately, but not the bodies. :sweat
    7. Lol louis maple version looks like he could be a very good brother to my Volks F-16, dangit lol!!
    8. Well I haven't asked them, but I would guess so...it would be logical if LM manufactured the NDoll dolls in their own color...

      But be sure to check with LittleMonica/Ndoll first, because LM has a very distinct skintone that doesn't match many others. You wouldn't want to be stuck with a body that doesn't match your head and other heads either.
    9. oh wow they're so gorgeous.

      Can't deny the thick Little Monica style though. Especially on Louis. His nose and lips are very LM-ish. Well both of them has distinct LM nose now that I see more intensely. Their nose are bigger than most other companies, which gives more natural and realistic look (that's why I love LM sculpts!!)

      I wonder if LM sculpts for ndoll? And another weird thing is their body, they're definitely LM body but nothing in the Louis and Luna's page states that they're on LM body...... The measurements are exactly the same. Even the skintone they offered are the same.

      I guess I'll write at LM Q&A board. They're always so fast and nice.

      There's an option to add the body in each Louis and Luna page. Even the body price are the same with LM body.....
    10. I totally fall in love with natural ver. Luna :D

      Still want to see owner pics and blank head pics before I actually order her though.
    11. I posted yesterday in Little Monica Q&A board asking about these ndoll dolls and here is their reply:
      So I guess that clears things up, luna and louis are sculpted by littlemonica's sculptor...
    12. thanks for asking that and posting it here lileychristie!

      Is it both LM WS and NS that are hard to match with other companies?
    13. There are a lot of LM comparison thread here, but I can't post them now coz I'm on mobile phone. But you can look in the LM yuria & dyuke discussion thread here, I've posted the comparison links there ^^
    14. you're a gem Liley! :)

      I was hoping I could put her on a peakswood or dollstown body - I think I'll just have to jump in headfirst and try. It looks a bit too pink for Peakswoods, but maybe one of the dollstown shades would work.
    15. OOOO nDoll released a PUNK version of LOUIS and LUNA!!!!


      wait... just realized.... is louis wearing a SKIRT? what a punk XD
    16. hehe yeah, a plaid kilt. I love how his knees are blushed! :)

      I love this version Luna's eyebrows and those shoes and wigs are so lovely.