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nDoll Petit (5 inch) Line: Momo, Sora, Coco and Bebe!

Aug 17, 2010

    1. I thought I'd give this another bump in case it got lost in the shuffle. There have been so many new dolls coming out its hard to keep up!
    2. I really want to get one eventually though I'm still trying to decide between them all!:XD: I think the body would be perfect for Fairyland Multiheads, too.. They are so similar to Baby Supias actually.
    3. Oh my gosh, Momo and Bebe are so cute! I'm trying to decide between them.... (so I can put them on my wishlist ;))
    4. Oh, it is hard to choose! I really love them all..*sighs* Love that chubby body and the little hands:D I hope we might get some owner pics eventually so I can perhaps make a decision as to who I like best;)
    5. I noticed they are sold out and "coming soon".. Not sure what happened there. I missed my chance to get one and I'm not sure if they're actually continuing with this line:( Its too bad really. I'll keep an eye out though for any updates.

      Has anyone actually bought one?
    6. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love him:D:aheartbea He's the exact one I want and actually the exact one I was just looking at a few scant seconds ago:XD: I thought I'd pop in here real quick to see if anyone had left any comments lately and here you are! I'm delighted you got him:D Congratulations to you! Let us know how you like him.
    7. i just thought i'd pop in here and post as my little fella is finally headed in the right direction. i was unsure about him for so long... but now he's finally looking more like my little bane! :3

      he is still in need of a wig and top XDD but he's getting there! :3 (he has two wigs incoming... D: when they decide to arrive XD)
    8. He is an absolute darling, Shelbelly:D I'm so glad to see he's becoming more of what you had in mind! So much personality in that wee face:D I'm wary of nDoll latey. Seems their customer service could be better :/
    9. Bumping this to see if anyone else ordered. Its too bad they aren't more popular :/ I'd love to see other molds!
    10. I would love one of these cuties - bebe especially. However, it appears ndoll is having problems filling their orders. So I'm afraid to order.
    11. Yeah, it does seem like things still aren't well with nDoll:( It's such a shame as I have wanted one of these little guys for the longest time. If anyone has ordered recently I'd love to know how things are going.
    12. Is nDoll the maker? Or is this like some of the other dolls on their site? Made by someone else, they are just selling?
    13. As far as I can tell nDoll is the maker and sadly there is no other way to get them. I really hope they can turn themselves around eventually.