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Need advice: Can't choose between Narae and Minifee...

Dec 6, 2009

    1. She will be my Birthday gift from my family.
      I love new Narae Dreamer 43 with small bust and Minifee Miyu with active line body(small ust too ^_^ )... Both in NS. Who has better mobility? And who has more realistik body?
      I have one SD girl and a big tiny family, i haven't a doll in MSD aize now ^__^
      Thank you for any opinion!
    2. For better poses it would be Minifee, but if you want a more realistic body then it would be Narae. I only have Narae's and I love the way she is shaped. Some have both Narae and Minifee. I know that with the Minifee active line they have magnet hands that can come off easily if the magnets are weak. With Narae they have a S-hook to hold their hands on. Both sizes can wear same type of clothing and shoes. Wigs are size 6-6.5. Hope this helps.

    3. Thank you!
      I can't find good comparison photos of them..:( I prefer nude but didn't find yet.
    4. I have both, so I can do comparisons if you'd like. What specifically would you like to see?

    5. Thank you! It would be very helpful i think!:aheartbea
      I want to see front, back and sitting(on one side) views if it's possible. :aheartbea
    6. Sure :) I'm leaving for something in about 5 hours, so I'll try to get them before then.
    7. go with the MNF!! they're simply amazing AND beautiful!! :aheartbea
      :sweat jaaa, MNF fan here
    8. Thank you very much for your work!!! Both dolls are gorgeous:aheartbea
      It looks like minifee is smaller... I love small dolls :) But Narae has so beautifull body...*_*
      What bust size has your minifee? And what is the skin tone of your Narae? French tan or not?
      Sorry for many questions.
    9. No problem! Ask as many as you need to, that's what DoA's for ;)

      I'm not 100% sure since I got her second hand, but i think my MNF is small bust. (Ive seen a large bust at a meet, and it was even bigger than hers... and hers are big enough, IMO) My Narae is tan French resin from 2007, and her body has remained an even color. Her face has yellowed, and I think it's because of the MSC. (The first year I had her, she was under a bright light... I wasn't so careful with yellowing, but she's still even :sweat)

      I hope that helps :)
    10. I have had both and really loved them both...but much prefer the resin Narin uses :)
    11. Thank you for all advices!

      I think to by Narae...
      Now i try to find more photos of Open eyed Narae...
    12. I've got both Narae and Minifee, and I would go for Narae. Mostly because of her beautiful shaped body and face (and resin). I was so surprised when I got Narae, because she actually poses pretty good. Okay, it's nothing compared to Minifee, but I think Narae's body is easier to handle. (Hands doesn't fly across the room at least.. :))

      Don't get me wrong though, I love Minifees too!
    13. I just paid for my Narae! I decided to buy it first and then to buy minifee Miyu when i save the money for her.
      I ordered two faceplates open eyes and dreamer 'cause i cound't choose one of them.

      Thank you so much for all advices! They helped me a lot!!!!!! :aheartbea