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Need for 50cm girls?

Oct 8, 2008

    1. Move, delete, whatever you like.

      So i was wondering is there any demand for a smaller girl dollfie that is in the scale of regular 60 cm doll, so that they can be paired with taller male conuter parts. Because minis do not fit (in my opinion) as suitable partners, size and scale of head wise.

      This can also fit with 50 cm boys too. im down with all pairings. :)

      Or should people like me, looking for right sized partners, just get 70 cm males and 60 cm girls, so as to not have to create new size standards.
    2. Actually I'm all for this >_< I have a character who is supposed to be much shorter than his partner who was originally going to be a DOT, but Obitsu's 55cm boy was as small as I really found.....ultimately the shorter one Aero ended up finding the perfect mold in an Angelregion and Nine the taller in a DOI Luke so its fairly close to the height difference I wanted....I would have preferred something much closer to Zaoll's 53cm height though I think >_< that's about the closest I know to 50cm
    3. Oh good heavens yes. 50 cm mature would be perfect.
    4. Yes!
      There are many different sized dolls in the 45cm region, but after about 47cm high, it jumps to around 60cm, with few in between, and I really want more of a range in dolls.
    5. i think this is a great idea. i think it is this reason that a lot of people pair 60s with 40s dolls, because of the height difference, but then 40cm makes them look too short and don't have the same body as an adult doll.
    6. the obitsu boy is 55cm I believe? There are 45cm dolls too:) I wonder how hard it would be to dress them though?
    7. I think a couple of the Hypermaniac girls are about 50cm? I'm not really sure...
    8. I think it would be pretty neat, but I wouldn't own one because finding clothes for a 'non standard size' is a pain and I can't sew.
    9. Souldoll's Soul-Double girls (Hye, Gisele, Star, Byeol and Irene) are all 55cms tall. I have a Hye and she is a pain to sew for and finding clothes that fit is a nightmare since Souldoll clothes are often sold out...however, the more there are, the more will be available and I think Cynthia is the right height for me. My ideal size doll is 45cms, but I did want an SD and Hye is perfect for what I want.
    10. Personally, I don't think mini/larger pairings work in terms of proportion or the general look. I think pairings between 63cm boys and 55cm girls work a lot better.

      Shinydoll girls are 55cm too, they have a mature body. They are very short compared to most 1/3 scale dolls.

      I can take a photo with a Chiwoo to show the height difference if anyone is interested (I'm babysitting Demondolfie's Hyde and haven't even taken any photos of him yet.)

    11. There's actually lots of MSDs with mature bodies.

      I don't know how well 50cm dolls would sell since it's kind of hard to find clothes for them but I'm sure a lot of people would like them.

      Now if a company were to make a mature looking guy 43 - 46cm with a mature face mold (and handsome) I think they would sell A LOT of that doll. I think they'd be able to invest in a couple of new molds for him pretty fast - and then sell even more.

    12. LadySaiyuki is working on just such a doll right now. Perhaps if you express support for her 52cm girl, she'll finish faster. :)
    13. I think Angelregion girls are about 54cm, but I'm not sure...
    14. Eee gods what I would give for a 50cm girl! ...If Obitsu ever get their butts in gear, we'll have one, at least in vinyl. But resin would be really nice, too.

      DO WANT!!
    15. I'm with you; I'd love to see all sizes, honestly, but a 50cm doll with the same scaling as a 60 would be great for pairings, and just for variation.
    16. Oh man, I've been wishing for "something in between mini and standard" for years. Especially back when I had a 54cm boy and every girl looked like a giant next to him. Now I have a 63cm boy but I wouldn't mind the extra height difference with a shorter girl.

      Even mature-looking minis seem weird next to a standard, because the scale's off. That's why we just need shorter standards. :)
    17. Yes, we need more smaller 1/3 dolls! I wonder if there are more companies that do smaller 1/3 sized dolls?
    18. I completely agree! 50cm is a great size for pairings.
      Just to throw another company out there though, probably my favorite around-50-cm girl dolls are Zaolls; Muse and Luv. They're such pretty sculpts, and if I had any interest for another doll they'd be right up there.