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Need Glory Angel Dana help please

Jul 8, 2005

    1. Can anyone who has her send me a list of all that she comes with?
      Including all clothing pieces, boots/stockings, and any jewelry?
    2. From the AR site:

    3. Yes, thanks, I do have that, but I am looking to find out what, if any, jewelry or things came with her. Sometimes the listed contents differ from the production doll.
      Thanks for the help,
    4. GA Dana? I thought they weren't selling the Glory Angel doll line right now? Am I wrong? *_*
    5. They are not selling any Glory Angels now, and will not sell them again.
      I found one from a friend, but we are trying to sort out undergarments and extras.
    6. Oooh! Thats great! Be sure to post lots of pictures ^ _ ^ :chibi