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Need help in resin matching..odd request?

Mar 14, 2007

    1. ok,I recently received a BF Old skin Blossom body from Akara this week..{you probably seen my FS thread} well it didn't work out so I need to rehome it...and it looks like no one is really interested...I am thinking of putting it on ebay this weekend..but unfortunately I don't know what resin it will match..{other than an Old skin BF head} could some one tell me what other resins/makers will it match?? in case I get a question...because I honestly don't know/haven't seen that many different dolls.

      any help would be appreciated...
    2. It matches Volks resin well enough.
    3. thanks!! is that the old skin or the new ones??
    4. Ok, I have posted a forsale thread for the Old skin Blossom body I just received from a Doa Member..as it doesn't match the head I was going to use, {I have since sold the head as of today}...
      so my question is, what do some of you think I should do with it?? It doesn't seem to be of any interest to anyone on here..as it sat in the other members FS thread for a while...is that no one has any dolls it would match??

      Obviously I would like to sell it to recoup my lost funds on it or I had another idea...

      take my poll and let me know what you think I should do with it..

      Should I:

      keep it on the forum and keep trying to sell it?:sweat
      Send it to evilbay and see what happens?:atremblin
      keep it for a while and not bumping the thread hoping someone might be looking for one and then PM them?:sneaky
      Get a head for it and dye them both a cool color? List the color you think would be fun. {very tempting:cool: }
      sell it for parts {it's not a car! :huh?: }
      toss it in the trash.:aeyepop:
    5. Oh gosh....if it were me....I'd do the dye job. Blue.
    6. I think the best thing to do is just keep it here and bump it once a day. You never know, maybe tomorrow somebody will hop into your thread and sees the body and wants it.
      Also, try e-bay (I assum you meant evilbay with that XD), you'll have more audience with that. (I mean, if they sold there an air-guitare, then I'm sure somebody will also buy your body! -not literally!-).
    7. You've got some amazing handmade dolls on your website so I think you would be able to do wonders if you'd do the dye job option. It would be the best use of your creativity and who knows... maybe someone would be interested in buying it as a customized doll instead of just a body. :) Good luck with your decision!
    9. i say keep it and do a dye job! you could find a nice head and maybe it'll be one of your favorite dolls! :)
    10. Tiggtea-- yeah I really need to sell it to pay back the money I used,..ebay..just what I said..evilbay;)

      Janako-- thanks so much..I have dyed one doll..my now famous..or infamous Horny the little devil...and I thought if everything else fails at least I could have a unique doll..and you are right..someone might be more inclinded to buy her...any color choices??
    11. Oh, here is another thought. A body like that is almost crying out to become a cat-girl. Drop a magnet into the tush so you can put on a magnet-hold tail, maybe do a paint or dye job on the whole body for a Siamese or a tabby or even a lion-color or a black panther.....
    12. another enabler..LOL I was thinking a Nara elf.....colors?
    13. Make your own custom cat head for it. Because there just aren't enough cat dolls out there!!! And then dye it green.
    14. ah good suggestion but I already did that with a Mau head and DZ body with a permanent tail....thanks though!!!
    15. thanks!! I have a Mau/modded DZ into a siamese doll...and I have a Petdoll Ant ordered....umm green cat?? ...
    16. Well what colour is the body? if its normal skin tone a light blue may not work. I suggest a green ^_-
    17. yeah I saw that head..I already spent $260 on the body..if I get a head it will be cheaper..like a KD head.
    18. If it were me......I would get a really inexpensive head, go with a full dye job and do an over the top fantasy mod. Maybe a unicorn girl? Forehead horn and a long silky tail made from wig hair? You could use a spiral shell for the unicorn horn.
    19. oohh now there is a thought!! and I have some of those shells too...thanks!! ooh I read a book that had a centaur girl who only had front legs of a horse, no tail but horse fuzz....oohh I could mod some horse hooves....oohh now the wheels are turning..
      but what would be considered an inexpensive head..most are at least $85..