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need help on which msd to get

Feb 23, 2008

    1. okay xmas i received my first bjd, nysus my senior luts cian but lately we have been having problems honest to God i love nysus to death but he is so difficult to deal with far as his posing goes. He is so stiff and i know i should give it time but im so impatient. And he is so large its hard to take him places. So now im looking for a smaller size but i dont know what company to look in. All i know for my artwork i need a doll who is fully posable. Anybody got any idea's? thank you
    2. Well if thats the only reason i think you should try to fix it first. You can re-string looser if he is too tight, and put in leather/hot glue suede/kips to make him pose better
    3. but thats the thing my mom bought him and she feels as though she paid to much money for me to be experimenting with so im stuck for now
    4. if posing is your concern, why not try a vinyl doll like obitsu? they come in a 60cm size, and a 27cm size, 25cm, and 23cm. worth considering... but if you want my opinion on amini that poses well.. look for any that are double jointed. :) Do you want a boy or a girl?
    5. i want a boy but the face has to attract me
    6. okay so double jointed any companies in mind?
    7. I heard that Bluefairys had excellent posability. But it comes down to whether you'll like their molds or not. o:
    8. they were one of my first choices but i was unsure i just wish i see one in person
    9. Angel of Dream has a gorgeous and very nice to pose body-It's also "more masculine" than most of the MSD boys... Their face sculpts are a bit stylized though-so it's really on an individual basis... but I would deffinately recomend them! They're cheap too ^.^;;!
    10. really? ill sure look look into that
    11. But would she like you to buy another expensive doll for the reason that yours dont pose well? As i see it you havent even really tried. Im sure she would not be sad about you wanting to improve your doll posing? Its nothing your mother has to do with at all

      Its not like he is going to break ;)
    12. could also try www.bobobie.com

      Dennis (guy in charge of bobobie) is a member on this forum. :)
    13. It would be useful to know what types of poses you are most interested in.

      I am usually impressed by the posing of Minifee boys.

      You might want to look at the AOD dolls (Angel of Dream) - the male body is pretty good looking and at least seems to be capable of sitting up straight! (a feat that cannot be accomplished by many BJD's)

      Some other posing threads where boys are mentioned:
      (Note - some of these dolls have several bodies available - be sure to find out which body in that case. Example - DOC photo in first thread below - which of the 3 bodies?)

    14. There are about a million different mini-sized dolls out there. You might want to clarify in the first post what you're looking for :)

      You could try looking at the Fairyland Minifees. I also like Dolkot minis and some of the Doll-in-Mind girls are cute, but expensive. If you're worried about money, Dollzone dolls are inexpensive, and some of them are really cute. I used to have a DZ Felian.

      You should try looking at girl dolls too, and if you like one of the heads, you could mod her or buy her a boy body :)

      I have to agree with Sweetiemi, though. You should restring him or something before you decide you no longer want him because he can't pose well. Is standing a problem? Both of the dolls I've owned have had a lot of trouble standing, and I just stuck them in shoes and they stood fine after that. :)
    15. Ditto on what xxbloodyxxromancexx said above. We really need to know what you are looking for in posing.

      Elastic-strung resin often resists posing, a BJD does not have as many joints as a human body, and most BJD's are out of proportion with humans especially in having longer legs and often shorter arms. There are poses that it is unlikely any BJD will do - example fully curled fetal position with arms wrapped around knees, or standing (or sitting) with legs straight and touching toes with fingers. And lack of muscles for balance and top-heaviness will keep them from doing many extreme standing plus leaning poses,

      I think you will be lucky if you find a boy who stands well, sits up straight, can bend his back forward and backwards, and can sit on the ground artfully. I would probably aim for that and then wire the arms if necessary.

    16. I have a suggestion, but it's a Tiny sized doll and a girl though... ^^; How about a Honey Delf Pudding? Really amazing posability... (and for a small doll, she's even more poseable than the larger ones!) :D And she's not really a "she" because she's asexual (but she's marketed as a girl...) Or, if not, Taffy then. XD

      Look at her possible poses:

      Or, if you rea~lly want an MSD, DOD and Luts dolls are always hotties. (including MNF.) Mythdoll's nice too...
    17. Ugh, I really don't know what to say. Unfortunately most decently jointed action figures will be able to pose better than any bjd. It also has to do with how close the doll is to the ground+gravity+center of balance and such. So it may be hard to sway your mother over on posing.

      On stiff stringing, sometimes I make the dolls kneel a few days. It helps quite a bit, or just playing with the doll a lot so that the strings loosen also works too. Seconding on the hot glue sueding, it does wonders.
    18. I actually have an AOD and they pose wonderfully and the sculpts are beautiful.
    19. thank you all for the suggestions i know this is a very late response but I have decided to keep my doll. Just recently I decided to wire him. And the posing is better. I also decided when I get income, Im gonna send him off for a full service. I have also decided that my next set of dolls will be minifee >.<
    20. You can also try inexpensive methods to help posing, like hot-glue sueding. Or maybe putting in silicone disks (kips), at the joints.

      Definitely check out the Customizing parts of the forums for ideas on how to get better posing and how to do things--it's very easy. There might be people in your area who can help you, too. There are re-stringing meets that are held in some areas--maybe check for meetups where you live and maybe try proposing such an idea?

      It's good that the wiring helped--that's a sign that things CAN be done to improve the posing of your boy!

      Good luck! :)