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need help (unoa, limhwa, n-dolls)

Oct 10, 2007

    1. i hope it's ok that i started another thread here... however, i'm really obsessed now with the choosing a doll. my favorites are limhwa (think they are really something special), i love toyou, but fear she's bit too small to see how preatty she is, foryou is amazing, but coz of her open mough and slight smile she looks too naive to me. n-doll is very nice, i like thier slender bodies, after last few days i also started to like unoa, think lusis more... also i like doc, si head. totally confused. i would like a doll which has mature body, slender, not too big, think my perfect size would be about 35 cm, not too tiny and not too big, but i've got no ideas how they are in real. may be 42-45 isn't as much.. anyway, her face shouldn't be happy or too sad, i want that she can change a lot, though not sure i could ever make her up so nice. from this point i liked unoa a lot, coz i saw so many pictures in a different style, but on their site i didn't like her. so i could agree with someone, who wrote that such girl can be nice only in a good hands. but from other dolls i haven't seen too many pics. i also do like when the fingers are slim and detailed and knees are (don't know how to explain correct, my english is a little poor),the legs are not straight kind of, like n-dolls have seems and unoa. so, if anyone could give advices, welcome:) pics are also would be great!
    2. Yes - it is hard to choose!

      These comparison links may help - comparisons of several slim mature minis:


      Various information:

      1. Limhwa ToYou is a tiny and I don't think she is made anymore. Limhwa ForYou is a mini.

      2. The Unoas shown on the Alchemic Labo website are painted by the sculptor, Gentaro Araki. He usually paints his dolls a particular way, often with thick dark eyebrows. But Unoas are sold new as an unpainted kit. International Unoa orders are infrequent. There was an order this past summer and those buyers expect delivery in November or December. It is possible a small number of leftover kits may be sold as a "lottery sale" (random chance for buyers to be able to buy one). But that lottery may only be offered to Japan residents. Unoas are more expensive when resold at auction.

      3. I think 35cm is not a common size, and 35cm dolls are usually immature. If the doll is very slim like Junior Leila (see below) clothing can be hard to find.

      Some dolls that are 33-35cm:
      Custom House Little Junior female:
      Minoruworld Junior Leila:
      Dollmore Narsha:

      4. I understand what you mean by "fingers are slim and detailed"

      I do not understand what you mean about knees and "legs are not straight". Is your question about the sculpting and curve of the legs? Or about the way the knee looks when it bends? Can you link to examples of legs you like and legs you do not like?

      For most BJD's - if the knees or elbows are bent more than 90 degrees (a right angle), a gap will show in the joint. Some BJD's have "double-jointed" elbows or knees. This is an extra small joint piece that lets the knee or elbow bend futher than 90 degrees with no gap. However, double-joints are sometimes less attractive than single-joints at some angles.

    3. carolyn, THANK YOU REALLY MUCH for your attention and time! that was very useful information. i'm sorry don't know how to post pics from somewhere, but i'll torture my husband to teach me;) however i meant the curve of the knee. on picture from n-dolls site it seems that they have it much and unoa aslo. but i 'd prefer a doll with the small breasts, while unoa has quite big! have to think more... i saw on one of links you gave me serendepity and cerberus project were interesting, have to check them and their faces especially. sorry, i'm so capricious...
    4. You can get the default small breast piece for unoa:), I've got that for my coming unoa, I'm not a fan of Jordan like top halves^^
    5. Knees - do you mean...
      The curve of the knee on the sides of the leg?
      The curve of the knee on the front of the straight leg?
      The smooth curve of a double-jointed knee on the front when the knee is bent?

      Uploading photos:

      To post a normal link to a page, just type the full link. Use this kind of link if you want to show people a photo that is not yours.
      Example: http://www.google.com/
      Example: http://something.com/whatever/this.html

      To show photos that you own, you must upload them to a photo hosting service. One host, http://www.flickr.com/ provides small free accounts (full featured accounts are not free). If you create a Flickr account and log into it, you can upload photos to Flickr.

      To post one of your uploaded photos, view the photo in Flickr and pick "view all sizes" above the photo. Look on the new page to find the link that is just the photo (ends with .jpg or whatever your photo type is). Copy that link.

      Then in your DoA post enter your photo link like this:

      (ignore the word "code")
    6. Have you looked at Supia's mini-Sups? Here's my Yisol. There is also a smile-y faced girl called Yan who is adorable, ,too.[​IMG] **click on little pictures for larger***
      Yisol is slim, small-busted and 42.5cm tall--she wears most everything Unoa/Narae wears as well. That includes the Tonner Tyler family 16" clothes (& Ellowyne Wilde), for the most part (not counting shoes and pants)
    7. i meant the curve of the knee on the sides of the leg. thank you for explanation with the posting pictures! i'll try, though i think you understood my complicated english;)
      the photo of yisol is realy nice, you're lucky to have one! somehow i forgot about minisup, though i checked them once. yan is not my type coz of smile, but anyways cute. but yisol i like, she's as you said is pretty slim.
      about unoa- it's a good news that you can order her with the small breast!
      it's just getting harder and harder...
    8. does anyone have may be owners photos of limhwa foryou? i'd like to see her in a different styles, if it's possible to hide her smile;) but generally it's seems they are not popular at all. i was checking a lot on doa and found just few pics:(
    9. To find Limhwa ForYou's in the Galleries do this...

      pick Search
      pick Advanced Search
      in upper left select Titles Only
      search for: limhwa* for*

      Some will be bad matches for another Limhwa and a common word beginning for For, but the rest will be good matches. You have to search for ForYou this way because many people call the doll For You (her real name) which is not searchable on DoA. Search words on DoA must be 4 letters or longer. The pattern match for* will pick up Foryou or For You.

      Two other useful places to look at dolls:

      The Database Database thread - links to photo databases of dolls and doll types (there is no separate one for ForYou):

      Some mature minis from larger companies can be seen here - face shots with links to company sites. This guide is incomplete, but you may spot one you like.

      Some other mature minis you might want to look at -

      Souldoll Soulkid mature girls (the mature ones are Miryu, Yewon, Apple, Lin, Miribyeol).

      CastleAnne "Anne" (a fairly new company)

      Angell Studio mature kids (a fairly new company, but they are quite tall)

    10. I think what happens is a lot of the ForYou owners post their photos in the Large dolls section (Half Elf, Human) and here is one example, a doll owned by ktya.
      ( by the way, this is how the faceups look now that Limhwa does for ForYou. Pretty, huh? She also sends them in these wigs. I think they look really gorgeous)
      Originally Posted by ktya [​IMG]
      Here is my doll :D I already made her dress
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    11. hate when you wright a long message and then ''boom'' and all is gone! can't repeat it again now, falling asleep:) but anyways just want to say thank you, everyone!!!!!!!!!!
    12. since my husband (guess he forgets how i look soon;) went out with the baby i decided to take this few minutes to check on my precious dolls:)
      thank you for help with searching, carolyn, i found not too many, but still few were new to me! all the other links i checked, but wanna do it once again to be sure.
      the new look of limhwa is so innocent and glamorous at the same time- she's like an angel!
      so i think i mainly stopped now at unoa and limhwa...
      just unexpected family financial crisis spoil my dreams, but therefor we have dreams that once they could become true!
    13. Sorry to hear that. I hope your dream comes true soon!

    14. thank you:) i'm sure after the rain comes sun! at least i hope....
    15. may be there is more custom photos of limhwa? would be great to see some more of her!
    16. I think there are few owners. Also, we are not supposed to request lots of photos in a discussion thread. Example photos are usually OK, but requests for multiple people to post photos are supposed to go here:

      Unfortunately, I don't think you will get an immediate responses in a photo request thread for a doll that few people own. Limhwa's male mini and large dolls are more popular than ForYou.

      When this board comes back up, you can see if it has any photos. This is Dollyholic's service and support board - I think it has a Limhwa section:

      I showed you how to search for photos of Limhwa For You in post #9 above. Unfortunately, with a doll name of such common words (For and You) and a board that requires pattern match for 3 letter words, she is hard to search for.

      But do that search on all of DoA -
      Advanced search Titles Only for Limhwa* For*

      You will find some owners like pelicandeb:

      And berryhot:

      And Lova:

      (there are other threads and photos from the first two owners).

    17. thank you, carolyn!!!!!! though i saw most of them, but now i have all links together. you're such a big help here!
    18. I just bought a Limhwa ForYou doll because I just love Jung Ji Yung's sculpting, however, as much as I lust after a Limhwa Half Elf... she is waaay to large for my collection .... so, I already have 2 ToYou dolls and now I'm getting a ForYou. She should arrive this weekend or early next week. I definitely will post lots of pic for her. Gotta see what clothes I have for her though. She may be draped in fabric or nothing at all!

    19. that's a surprise, thank you! i hope we all can enjoy her photo shooting soon:)