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Need info on these extremely cheap wigs

Feb 11, 2008

    1. I was wondering if anyone recognizes this brand of wig and if they know the quality. A seller on ebay is selling them super duper cheap! Under $3 each, which would make it very cheap to give a doll a wig wardrobe! and even experiment with styling. Here are the pictures from the ebay seller:

      I sure appreciate any information you all can give me.
      Thanks so much!
    2. Well, I'm also thinking of getting them for my elfdoll Adel. I think I'll stick my neck out and try one here and see if they're any good :) I'll report back then ;D
    3. I use the wigs from BJDollarama on Elfdolls. There are multiple pages of them.


      The ones that look like they have full size caps work best. I think the best fitting ones are cute little girl (my favorite), bob, long with bangs. If they still have them, I think Ponytail, long wavy, and sweet fairy would need glue to stay on.

      Here is a thread about the Elfdoll wigs (store used to be called Shop4dollsandbears) - I have some photos on the first page showing the fit of some:

    4. Thank you, that fairy wig is really pretty, and your examples are great. Since I'm broke, LOL, I'll wait until the girl is paid for and actually comes home before I buy :P

      I say this yet I know I won't. hee hee, I'll buy her stuff again as soon as I can I'm sure :D

      Thanks agian Carolyn!
    5. Hi IngieB :)
      those wigs are ok. They are not spectacular but they work. They are great for experimenting with different looks. You might want to try fur too. You can get very tiny chunks and they are pretty easy to sew and cost pennies for small pieces and remnants.
      If you are ever at a doll show where Antinas is- you can try thier wigs eyes and shoes on at the booth :)

      I used to put a couple drops of tacky glue to hold them- sometimes I used the re-tack glue (you can pull the wig off and on- but now I use the stick on velcro from Volks- you can cut it to size and put a bit in the wig and adjust it however you like.
    6. LOL, why do I feel so guilty like I've been caught red handed, LOL!!! I haven't been to OT in such a while! It's nice to see I'm not the only one! and since you're the top Twinn, I guess I'm in good company, LOL.

      Hope you're well. I guess those would be doll shows up north?? In Washington or Oregon? I'll have to make the trip one of these days!

      Love Ingie
    7. Those wigs are Antinas brand, (that is antinas pic) don't know
      about the quality, not bought their extra small wigs before
    8. Oh don't worry- I have the resin sickness myself :B
      Antinas was traveling all over for awhile- but they have cut back quite a bit- still lots of mail-order though.
      Nice to see you here too- many others flitting about with us :B

    9. Update on wig.

      The wigs arrived and although I haven't had a chance to do much with them, I have to say my first fear was not realized. The wigs are nice and dense, not thin. The thickness of the fiber isn't bad either. It's definitely thinner/ finer than human hair and doesn't look too bad with the scale of my tiny size dolls. However, the fiber is a bit stiff. The curls are out of scale and there is no "weight" to the hair, meaning it doesn't hang down and flow, etc... like really nice wigs do. So next comes the experiments :D
      I’m going to try relaxing the curls, but I don’t think it’ll survive a dip in really hot water. So I’ll have to see how hot it has to be to get it to relax. Once it is relaxed, I’m hoping it’ll look nicer. We’ll see. In the mean time, here are some pictures of the wig out of the box:


    10. Hey- not bad :) Tx for the pics :)
    11. I'll just add that I got a couple of these too, and I"m not sure they will work for my 14cm Elfdoll - but on Hana, they almost work. I just have to figure out a way to hold them on her head, because they don't stay on without help. Below are some very bad pictures. They'd also work with a hat, I think.

      I have been meaning to buy some scraps of tibettan wool, and see if I could make something with the extra wigcaps I have for my Lyn - but haven't really had the time.


    12. Hana really is adoreable !!! I just love her! I bet she looks good in anything!

      I can get the wig to stay on with a velcro tape to her head cap. The wigs are a little shallow, so they're not good at "grabbing" the head. I just made my first wig, hee hee, and it grabs better than anything else I have at the moment. Unfortunately, it's a bit ... er... sloppy, LOL. Tucks and sewn spots all over the place, but doesn't look too bad on, hee hee.

      I think it'll be too small for the little elfdoll, but I might be wrong, as it does work on the Obitsu 23cm "mini Haruka" head wich might be little tiny elfdoll size, as it is significantly smaller than my Ryung tiny. I should try to take an accurate measurement.

      My Adel is on layaway, for quite some time I'm afraid, LOL.

    13. Just giving this thread a bump, as I tried these little cheap wigs on my pukis, and they also fit them - they are a little big and need something to hold them on securely, but they work. :) The little bob is the cutest one - the curly ones just seem to overwhelm their heads. I'll try to add some pictures later.
    14. Since I asked this question, mine have become boy's wigs for my 1:6 Obitsu Haruka boys, LOL, I've messed with them a lot, the curls didn't loosen much even in hot water, and so I just wasn't crazy about the style, so I trimmed them into a shag hair cut for my boys, which turned out pretty nice.

      Just know they won't be super soft and are a little corse for the size doll, but for a cheap wig "in the mean time" until you get the wig you really want, they're not bad :)