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Need to replace Happydoll Elf body-- any recs?

Feb 26, 2008

    1. I am unhappy (heh) with this Happydoll's chunky body-- she looks very chunky next to my DZ and Leeke dolls. I really love her head, though-- she has the prettiest face. Maybe I could replace her body-- I'd like a slightly shorter, a bit more thin body-- maybe on the childish side. Can anyone recommend any matches? It looks like her resin would match a Souldoll fairly closely or perhaps a DZ normal yellowish? I'm afraid her head is going to be too big for a DZ BB body. Anyone ever do this? This would be my first-- any tips or advice appreciated. :chocoberry
    2. I don't about the resin colors but the Customhouse Little Junior female body (35cm whole doll size) might be any option (I also do not know if they sell bodies separately). Also the Kid Delf Realskin is on the creamy side of colors and I think their girls are just 41 inches tall. Ditto I think for Dollmore kid girl body colorwise but they are taller.

      For reference since Unoa is sort of a creamy color (though I think not as yellow as Volks Pureskin)

      Nylh has used a Dollmore body for a Customhouse head and later for a Unoa head with custom headback.

      Unoa 1.5 on Dollmore:

      Kid Delf Realskin girl nude with Unoa:

      What is it you don't like about the current body? It seems to be fairly short 40cm doll with 7.5-inch head and body measurements similar to Narae (body is 17.5-13-18 vs Narae 17-13.2-19)

    3. I wish I could post a picture for you-- the current body is about the same height as my Dollzone girl, maybe a quarter inch shorter, but her body is immature-- which is fine with me-- but she's so much larger in the legs and in the arms and the torso, that she looks kind of freakish beside my DZs and my G***reau and my little Leeke girl. Her head is bigger than a DZ head and has large eye openings. She really looks just fine by herself-- its just next to everyone else she looks a bit strange. Like a very large girl.

      Her resin is a normal color, rather pale, and has a yellowish cast to it-- it's not what you would call white or rosey.

      I bought her from Denver Doll-- they still have her picture up, I think.

      Where can I find these other bodies, Carolyn?
    4. That's odd - from the Happydoll info she is only 40cm tall!

      Dollmore body - not a short girl - 43.5cm tall with large 6.0cm feet and many optional hands you can buy.

      Little Junior Girl body - makes a very small 35cm doll that usually has a 7-inch head that - your head may look too big on it? Measurements 16.3-13-16.5
      With 7-inch head:

      New Realskin Kid Delf body - but I have never seen it sold separately (always out of stock) - guess you have to buy a new Kid Delf to get it:

      One other possibiity - the Angell Studio girls are 43.5cm and their body is available in several colors including a light creamy color they say is close to Volks - but I have seen comparisons in the gallery and it is lighter:
      (let the page load fully to see all photos - slow site)
      Body: (the neck looks a bit thick in some photos though and Happydoll's neck is thin right?)

      You would have to research about the neck sizes and resin tones.

    5. You know, I'm just going to have to take her to some doll meets and hold her up to everyone. There's just no other way to do it.

      Thank you for your info, Carolyn-- I really like that first one. :)
    6. It sounds like you've got a doll with the old yellowish Happydoll resin, same as my Happydoll Huey.

      To possibly help with the resin match, even if it is only to show what won't work:



      In real life and normal light, none of my dolls are a good match for the Happydoll resin. I also own a Soom head on a Volks YoSD body that isn't pictured, and both the Soom and the Volks resin are slightly too dark and pink.

      In the pictures, it looks like the CP/Luts hands I've gotten him work alright, but in reality, the difference in color is very obvious, which is why they're going to be replaced soon.

      The Souldoll resin comes closest, but it's too dark. The difference looks greater IRL than in the pictures.

      In a few weeks, I'll be able to tell you if DZ normal yellow works, as I'm getting DZ hands to try on him.
    7. Excellent photos!

      It looks obvious from the photos that a Happydoll head would be too big on a Customhouse Little Jr.

    8. Oh yes, definitely! My MNF Shushu has the smallest head of my MSD-sized dolls, and even her head looks enormous on the LJ body -- I've tried, and it's just ridiculous. :(
    9. You know, ever since I got Happydoll Elf Carrie a very long, very straight carrot red wig a few weeks, I don't mind her body anymore. It... fits. She's suddenly got a character and she doesn't need to be like all the other dolls. She's got attitude-- like, I'm 14 going on 16 and I may be a little chubby, but check out these curves-to-be, and I've got the nearly calf-length red hair that has never seen scissors in my whole short life-- I'm HOT. Dream on, Dollzone male! Dream on!

      Do your dolls ever "say" these things to you?

      Anyway, not going to change her body-- it's perfect.
    10. Yeah, that's pretty much why my ShuShu head is still on the Soulkid body, even though I'd meant for that to be temporary... She just wouldn't be herself on the sleek, slender MNF body.

      And my own Happydoll, Darius... Well, he's a little geek. More often to be found in front of the computer or with his nose in a book than outside getting exercise!

      Though it's a pain to find clothes for him, because none of the standard pants fit over his huge butt!
    11. Yep, Carrie can't get the Friends 2B Made clothes over her butt either-- but I have found she can wear the dresses. And she looks terribly terribly cute in the denim overall mini skirt dress! It's "her".