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Need two measurements for AOD boy

Oct 19, 2007

    1. *_*

      i want armpit to far end of wrist and, crotch to far end of ankle

      Height:46 cm
      Circumference of head:18.5 cm
      Circumference of neck:7.5 cm
      Shoulder width:10 cm
      Length of arm:13.5 cm
      Waist:15.5 cm
      Hips:19 cm
      Length of leg:24 cm
      Circumference of thigh:11 cm
      Circumference of calf:8.5 cm
      Length of foot:6 cm
    2. I don't even know what doll you are asking about.

    3. oopsy lol AOD 1/4
    4. Is that an AOD boy? I think someone else who has the body will need to measure for you.

      I think you should change your title to something like "Need two measurements for AOD boy"

      To edit your thread title, edit your first message in the thread, pick Advanced, then edit the title.

      And be more specific in your first message - do you want armpit to far end of wrist and, crotch to far end of ankle?

    5. there we go go :P silly me
    6. Crotch to ankle - 20cm
      Armpit to wrist - 12cm

      By "far end" I understood you to mean the far end of the joint - aka where it meets the hand/foot.
      If I misunderstood you, let me know. ^^
    7. YAY YAY thank you sweety its helped alot:fangirl: