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Need your help! Which MSD size to model??

Oct 12, 2007

    1. I wasn't sure where to post this. Please move it if it is not the right place!
      Hi, I am new to Bjds and am begining custom sewing. I have sold one costume on ebay for a SD size which also fit the smaller 52 cm Hypermaniacs. However I have been asked by many people to make clothes for 43cm dolls.
      I have none. My question is...who do I buy to be a model???At this moment I don't want one that is too SEXY...not my sewing style at the moment that is. I don't want to spend an enormous amount since she will be a model getting dressed often. But I refuse to buy something I don't like. My taste run towards the more realistic sculpts like DOLLSTOWN but won't use them since I want them for my PERSONAL collection . I would love to see pics and suggestions from everyone!!I am not sewing for boys...only girls at the moment. Thanks for your help!!:)
    2. I'm always hunting for more clothes for my slim mini sized girls, so I suggest a Minisup Yisol has sort of the moody and realistic style that I think is close to Dollstown. . . but Dollstown is really unique in the market. Just like the larger dolls, not all doll clothes fit all dolls. I guess it depends which market you want to get into. Slim minis are Unoa, Narae, Lati Blue, Minifee, Supia, N-doll, Serendipity, Angell-Studio and some might consider Dollzone. "normal" or chubbier minis are basically more child-like, generally with thicker bodies and bigger heads.

      check out www.gigglegeek.dk for an almost comprehensive database of doll companies and sculpts.
    3. I am assuming that by MSD you mean not just Volks MSD but all mini or "1/4" BJD's (i.e. about 40-45cm).

      In general, there are two kinds of minis - immature (flat chest) and mature (girls have breasts, boys usually have a more mature body shape). Within those two groups, there is considerable variable in actual measurements.

      If people asked you specifically about clothes for 43cm dolls, that could mean slim mature minis because 43cm is a bit of a buzzword for the slim mature minis. Two that have been sold the longest are Unoa and Narae. I would say that these two slim mature minis also have the most seamstresses, especially for higher-end clothing.

      But the people who asked for 43cm clothes could have meant whatever mini they have, including immature minis. The original immature mini is Volks MSD. Some other popular immature minis are Cerebus Project Kid Delf (whose body was recently recently and has new measurements), Dream of Doll "DOC" kids, immature Souldoll Soulkids, and Dollmore kids.

      I think that unless you want to find yourself a niche few people are sewing for, you should sew to Narae/Unoa size for slim mature minis, or to whatever seems to be the average immature mini size (DOC might be a good choice there).


      So you can see what type of clothes Unoa and Narae wear:

      Unoas are hard or expensive to get (sold at retail infrequently, resold very high).
      Unoa Threads (discussion/photos and fashion show):

      Narae discussion/photos:
      Narae is sold here:

      There are a number of other slim mature minis with body measurements similar to Narae. Check in the measurements listings above. If you don't like Narae or want a less expensive doll, find one with similar measurements that you like.

      If you decide to sew for immature, someone else would have a better idea than me of which immature minis are most sewed for and most average/standard in measurements. My only idea of standard for immature mini measurements is Volks MSD but the standard may have shifted.

      And BTW - I am assuming you sew for females.

    4. Thanks a bunch!!You guys are so informative. I am sorry I am new at this and have not learned all the terminology! Ask me about antique dolls and I can talk for weeks!! I am thinking the Narae size doll my be the best answer. How hard is it to find one on the open market(as apposed to ordering) Would like to get started sooner than later. I prefer the inmature minis for myself...but I don't sew for myself usually!! Seams a better market for the Narae/ Unoas. I turned one down about a month ago! I was not thinking of sewing at that point!! Again thanks!!Anymore ideas please feel free to suggest!!
      My styles ar based on antique clothing and made with antique fabrics by the way...and yes, only girls!
    5. Naraes come up in the Marketplace fairly often. I think there is a very tan unpainted open eye one in the Marketplace right now (might not be right for the antique look).

      Another option - Dollfair.com is in the US and can ship anything they have in stock pretty quickly. They recently had or were expecting a large number of unpainted Naraes with the sales benefitting a BJD Artists association. And they often have unpainted Naraes in stock. You could ask member Dollyholic (or use the message facility on the Dollfair site) - ask what 43cm unpainted Naraes they have in stock. Then you could get the doll and send out the faceplate to a commission artist to be painted. Another option - I am not familiar with who they have, but Dollfair may have another faceup artist on-site, in which case you might be able to order an in-stock unpainted girl from Dollfair and get her painted more quickly. Normally all painted Naraes come from South Korea and take 6 weeks or longer.

      And if you are not familiar with Narae, there are many face choices and skin tone choices. I think for modeling antique-look clothing, pinky-white skin would be good. If you want open eyes, you need to decide between Open Eye, Classic, and Butterfly. There are also partially-closed and closed eye choices.

      Many of the Naraes in the database may have their skin tone and face type listed:

    6. I think the idea of getting the unpainted doll and having her painted while I can sew at the same time seams a clever idea!
      If I get the doll with one face plate it can easily have another face if I chose later right? The pink white is definately the right color...no tan . I like the clasic and the partially and fully closed eyes. Now to find the doll, and a faceup artist. Thanks a zillion!! :aheartbea
    7. You can buy additional heads with whatever faceplate you want. They do not sell the faceplates separate from the heads, and heads are about $150 unpainted. You cannot buy additional bodies - the bodies only come with complete dolls.

      One other note - If you want to make tightly fitted clothes that also fit Unoa, Unoa large bust (the only mature bust available for her) has a slightly larger bust than Narae, larger hips, and slightly shorter legs (I think maybe 1/4 inch leg length difference - I don't remember, and you can never be sure where company leg measurements are made). I believe their waists are about the same. You can check their measurements against each other. Most Unoa and Narae owners are used to their clothes to fitting each other, and buy things made for either.

      Full Narae Measurements in right column:

      See Unoa measurements here:

      Great photo comparison of Unoas and Narae:

      Other mostly-mature mini comparisons:

    8. i bought one of the artist event unpainted dolls from Dollfair. I got a tanning opened eyed Narae, and I can't wait for her to come home! Those dolls should be going home in the middle-end of the month. If you want a 2/3 eyed face, you'll have to go through the regular ordering and that usually takes between 6-8 weeks I believe. You might want to check out the Narae thread in this section for tons and tons of information about clothes and customizers.

      Yes, you can get another head for your Narae in the future but they do have to be ordered ahead and the waiting period for Narindolls is a bit long for this hobby. I would figure out which face you want the most and get that one first instead of counting on being able to switch them out. Also, french resin will mellow a bit (turn yellower) in time so resin pieces ordered separately might not match.

      I'm having my Narae painted by YamamuraTatsuya (Gen) on DOA. I just send my other girls off to get painted today too. Rebekah, my Yern, went to Kayley and Tiggy, my baby Lumi, went to Ravendolls. There are a lot of artists on DOA. I chose those customizers because I believe they have the talent and experience to do the style I want for each of my girls, and their prices were what I was looking for.
    9. Yes - Narae is french resin which is more luminous but also more prone to yellowing if exposed to bright light, especially sunlight.

      And one note about BJD dresses... some dolls that will fit in the clothing may have wider hand poses than Narae, and all separated fingers. I think it would be best if any long sleeves that are tight around the wrist have a fastenable wrist slit or gusset.

    10. Thanks for all the help!The designs I am working on are somewhat flexible and will accomadate slight body differences. I have an email into Dollfair but have not heard back...also to Dollyholic. We will see. There is a serendipity on ebay that might work...what do you think??Think Narae is a little cuter.
    11. Serendipity dolls are usually slimmer than other slim mature minis. Ismy is not as slim as Serendipity Sharmin but still slim. I also cannot find full measurements for her (things like height and torso lengths and leg length) and I don't think she is sold anymore.

      Here is a comparison photo of Narae and what I believe is a male ISMY (last picture) - it looks like ISMY is much shorter and has a smaller head (ISMY's head is 6 inch and Narae's head is only 6.5 like Unoa and several South Korean minis):


      But here is another where an owner says she is the same height as Unoa (Unoa may be very slightly shorter than Narae). She is shown sitting with a Unoa:

      And a short thread about her:

      Lovely pictures nude:

      Here are measurements - but it would be good to find a nude or sparsely dressed photo of ISMY next to Unoa or Narae to see relatively how long their torsos are, etc. I notice ISMY's shoulders are also much narrower than Unoa or Narae. Very few people own ISMY - she was not sold for very long.

      2-1/2" neck circumference
      2-1/8" shoulder width
      4-3/4" arm length shoulder to wrist
      6-1/4" bust
      4-1/2" waist
      7-5/16" hips
      8-1/4" hip to ankle (from top of hip joint at side to bottom of leg)
      2-1/4" foot length

      From the Dollfair measurement chart, Narae is:
      Bust: 6.69 inches
      Waist: 5.2 inches
      Hips 7.48 inches
      Shoulder Width: 3.23 inches

      Unoa is:
      Bust: 7 inches
      Waist: 5 inches
      Hips: 8 inches
      Shoulder width: 3 inches

      Anyone have a standing node or undies comparison of ISMY and Narae or ISMY and Unoa? And comments on the fit of clothes on ISMY versus Unoa and Narae?