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Needing help to ID this guy!

Jun 27, 2011

    1. EDIT: A very nive TQV figured it out for. Fantasy Doll Glenn. *feels incredibley dumb* xD

      Hi,I'm looking for some help ID'ing this little guy. I bought him from a friend. I absolutely can't remember for the life of me what she said about him. I do remember that she said he costed around $80 when she bought him.

      [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

      I measured him:
      24cm tall
      wig size 5-6
      feet are 3 1/2 cm long and 1 1/2 cms wide

      The faceup he is pictured with was done by the last owner so not factory faceup.
      He is human,not elf or vamp or anything. The teeth were painted on.

      Wears Ken clothes without a probelm. They're a little big on him though. Had to roll the pants about an inch or some up.

      He's very kicky. I'm trying to find out some info on him so I can see if there is any way to correct his posing. He can stand by himself. Last owner said that she checked his stringing and it wasn't too tight to cause the kickiness.

      I've also noticed he's got some weight to him! That maybe because I'm used to vinyl though lol :doh
      I appologize for the really crappy pictures. They were done by a cellphone and there really isn't any good lighting to be found around my house. Got some better ones with my webcam though. The lighting and quality is much better with that.

      Thanks to a suggestion: His face looks like a Bobobie Lucky, but the body looks very different.His hands look much larger than their's and he's taller. Their stock photos make the doll look very translucent to me and not thick like this guy.

      Any help is appreciated! Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. Bump for the day! Help me figure this little kiddo out! =]
    3. Hmmm... could you take some less blurry photos of him? A clear close-up of his face would be really helpful - it's hard to tell from the photos you posted...
    4. Exact measurements would help. Comparing him to some OT doll and saying he's smaller than 25 cm doesn't help much.

      For that price, with that face, if he was 15 cm my guess would be Bobobie Lucky.
    5. I'll have to do that. When I posted this,that was what I hand on hand. That and a crappy cell phone pics.I'll get to that and edit the first post with updated info.

      I'll check the Bobobie Lucky out real quick.
    6. He's not a Bobobie Lucky because of the size alone. That face mold though made me think that it was possible though. I didn't see any like him on the Bobobie site though. Their 25 cm have elf ears and look much thinnier than this guy.
    7. You're welcome! After you updated the pics I was certain he was a Glen. ^^
    8. I wish I would've thought to do his pics with my webcam in the first place. Or at least measured right off the bat.I feel like such a tard. I totally forgot about Fantasy Doll actually. All I could think of was Bobobie and etc. He's such an adorable sculpt though. Now I can find a thread that can help with the le kickyness specific with this doll.