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Needing some PpoPpo shoe help...

May 25, 2008

    1. Meep!

      I got a pair of Blythe boots that Carrie said should fit...they're advertised as being 3.5 cm long...and I see that the chart says her foot is 3.46 cm long.

      But I just got a pair of mary janes...oops...they're 2.8 cm long...any chance I'll be able to stretch them out or should I just save them for another doll?

      What do you put on your PpoPpo's feet????
    2. bumping this...she has 34mm feet.
    3. i'm looking for mary janes primarily...i already have boots...

      i think i may have to go with bluette size (37mm i think) and just have to have her wear socks
    4. I have just ordered some Hujoo Mary Janes
      Hujoo ABS has a similar size to Ppo and my new Moona ...I am haveing problems getting her shoes too

      they are incomming ...as soon as they arrive I will let you know on the fit
    5. thanks...where did you find them Carrie?
    6. they came today ...and they fit lovely
      I will take some pictures tommorow ...
    7. Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!
    8. Hmm, is shipping from Hujoo outrageous. Probably.
      Don't make me buy one of those crazy big head dolls just to get a pair of shoes LOL>
    9. you know you want to ........you know you do LOL and they are just so cool

      I have to have the boy with closed eyes ...so will wait untill he is available and order a couple more pairs of shoes

      but they fit perfectly

      ...Cherry my Ppo ...is sulking big time ...I ran off with her eyes and wig when my Moona arrive
      now she is stiiting on Moona`s head gaugeing out eyes ...so I think I should pamper little C a while today LOL
    10. Ha ha poor Cherry, my PpoPpo who just arrived yesterday knows just how she feels, as she is waiting quite bald, for a Tinybear wig...
      Speaking of that, don't you know I am saving my pennies for Mer-moona?
    11. lol working on it :)
      Opps just realised I havent taken Cherry in her new shoes
      she is much happier today ...got her favorite outfit, her eyes and her wig back ..I found the eyes :)
      and I gave her some new lip gloss

    12. I love her Carrie she is just wonderful
    13. Aww, she is so cute. Is she WS?
    14. she is ..I tweeked her face-up and she has 12mm glass kemper Hazel eyes ..which are some of my favorite ..:)
    15. cute to the max...man I want shoes for Nuri...
    16. CHECK OUT THESE ...I went ballistic
      these are very simialr to the Ixtee boots Im addicted to ...they look slightly different in the profile ...but FAB ....they are similar measurements to the Ixtee

      I know Ixtee fit my Ppo ,and large Moona ..and Cherish doll ..
      they are ment to be oversize on Blythe ..there is enough room for the larger girls
      because of their design they fit Coco ,BonBon and they fit the Lati Yellow and the Specials ...

      so when I saw these I went crazy ..
      If they dont fit my Moona and Ppo I know they will fit my Coco/BonBon
    17. Hold the phone TB. Isn't 2 pounds like 4 dollars??????? WTF! And can us Yanks buy from British ebay? Sorry to be ignorant but those boots are just adorable. Must have blue Doc Maartens...They'll fit somebody around here.
      Just bid on 2 pairs, hope I win they are cute.
    18. yeah sure seller is China ...very good communication

      paid and sent ...I bought several pairs and no-one bid against me ,I had to set up e.snipe as I was going out and was Gobsmaked when I saw I had won them

      it was a case I gotta have them even if I have to sit them on a shelf LOL
      But they will fit Coco if the dont fit Moona or Ppo

      I bought about 10 pairs LOL oH MY Wallet ! LOL