Nefer Kane CK Dolls Discussion

Dec 19, 2012

    1. I know my Mystery loves her jacket from those "elf on a Shelf" dolls you find around. Fit her nicely
    2. Hello!
      Mystery wants to join to your company)))
    3. Is anyone in love with Onion as much as I am? I cannot handle the cuteness! :D
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    4. @dizii , i think Onion ia a very pretty doll!
    5. I looooove Onion! Wish she was in the cards for me.
    6. Does anyone know Suzy eye size?

    7. I am just about to burst and thought this might be the most approriate place to do it: I just sent payment for my white Moon! I have been pining over her since her preorder and finally got courage to ask Nefer. Now I'm bouncing happily around and waiting for my Moon. <3
    8. Hi everyone! I'm happy to join this thread. Today I received my first Nefer Kane collaboration doll - sweet Onion. What a striking whimsical little thing she is! I've never seen a Nefer Kane doll in person but I was always intrigued by them so I took a chance and ordered her during her preorder. Nefer has been the best to deal with. She let me have a reaaaalllllly looonnng layaway which is the only reason I could get Onion. And she is such a warm, caring person to deal with. I loved her! This little Onion has already won a place in my heart because of Nefer's kindness.
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    9. I denied that I had been developing a crush on Onion since I first ran across the sight of her enchanting self on *bay. After she sold I kept revisiting the photos of her from the listing, my heart jumping a little gleeful hop at the sight of her. This went on for several weeks. Then, one recent day Onion was a new arrival at the Doll Peddlar; AND in coco latte resin. I tried SO hard not to want her; but we all know that only makes it worse. So a few minutes ago I mashed the "buy" button and instantly knew I'd done the right thing.
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    10. Oooooh! Wonderful! You'll love her!
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    12. She's styled perfectly! I love her faceup, her wig and her adorable outfit! All look great with her lovely resin. I am enchanted by these sweet Little Onions. :)
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    13. You are so sweet! I just happened to have a Dollmore wig from another doll that fit Onion and the color worked! I'd added eyelashes but decided she is more charming and innocent-looking without them. I've decided her name must be Mildred because I think of my beloved great aunt from my childhood, when I look at this little Onion.
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    14. Thank you. :) Mildred fits her and its a beautiful name made all the more endearing by the memories you have of your great aunt. My Onion's name is Vidalia. It ties into Onion but I also think it's pretty! I'm still working in a faceup for her so I haven't tried eyelashes yet. I was thinking of using some platinum blonde hair from the mane of my Palimino pony, Poca. And making them sparse but long. Maybe with a little gloss on the tips?
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    15. Ha! I had considered "Vadalia" as a name also for the same reasons—great minds... Good luck with the faceup; using Poca's mane hair is brilliant! Now you've got my mind reeling with some new ideas....
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    16. That's what I like about DoA! How we can inspire each other! Please be sure to post pictures of any of the creative things you make. I'd love to see them. :)
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    17. So happy to find this thread! My Gracie (Suzy) is one of my favorite dolls.

      url=Gracie][​IMG][/url] Gracie by Jonquil O, on Flickr
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    18. Hi! I'm trying to find info on Nefer Kane's Iracebeth. It looks like she was released in 2013? Is she considered a mini or a tiny? How much did she originally sell for? How much does she go for now? TIA!
    19. So cute is your Gracie! Great wig and outfit!
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    20. Thank you so much! Here she is being a proper little Victorian girl with her lovely pet Borzoi
      [​IMG]My little lovelies by Jonquil O, on Flickr
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