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Dec 19, 2012

    1. She is simply darling and I adore her borzoi!
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    2. Is anyone participating in the order for the tiny Nancy Luna? There's a limited chance to get hold of a full original moon too at a slight discount. I've popped a blue Nancy on order and a glow in the dark full moon and I can't wait. All my recent visits to the ckdolls site now has me pining for one of the onion girls too!
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    3. I am getting the white glow in the dark Nancy Luna :)
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    4. I can't stop looking at Onion! There is something so haunting and gorgeous about that face! My good friend has just ordered the celadon one. I may wait and see if she does another release in the powder color.
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    5. Yes same here, a blue Nancy Luna with faceup. SO excited!

      Onion has such a sweet little face, you won't regret bringing her home. Hope you find her!
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    6. Does anyone know what size wig Onion wears?
    7. I got my Pocket Mystery Elf today! She's beautiful!

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    8. I think her head is the same as a Blythe dolls, so she'd take 11-12 inch wigs.

      She's so cute! I really love the size of the new tinies coming from Nefer.
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    9. So excited - my Mystery just shipped!
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    10. My little Aleah :)
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    11. Hello everybody. I just received a Moon for Christmas. She is my first girl, and a size that confuses me. What clothes fit on her? Thank you :sweat
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    12. Some Blythe sized clothing will fit her upper body but will be too small in the hip area. If you go with Blythe clothing, I'd suggest sticking with foofy skirts/dresses or stretchy items. I've owned a moon in the past (had to sell for reasons, but I've got a new one ordered) and used to sew for her so I'm familiar with the size.

      I managed to snag the last Onion in praline so she's now on a shortish layaway. I'm becoming addicted to Nefer dolls and I'm now hunting down a Bloon :love
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    13. Does anyone have a Lapin? I don't know what their status is, but I think she's gorgeous and if anyone has one, I'd like to see pictures!! :3nodding:
    14. My praline Onion is now in transit and the Pocket Onion preorder has started. I'm definitely going to be getting a tiny version to join my full-sized girl. Is anyone else here going to order a tiny onion?
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    15. I ordered a tiny pink onion! :)

      Love your Vidalia choice for her name! I ordered the tiny version and was thinking Pearl since she's tiny even though I have the pink, not white one coming. Might have to see what other onion names there are! :)
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    16. I ordered a pink one, too!
    17. Yay for all the pocket onions :) I've ordered two!
    18. Is anyone bringing home any lovelies from the summer sale?
    19. Not from the summer sale, but my Pocket Onion is on her way to my home <3 I can't wait to see her!
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