Nefer Kane CK Dolls Discussion

Dec 19, 2012

    1. Congrats @aeris! I have a pocket Onion and a pocket Mystery and just love them both to pieces. :D They're such delicate and sweet little dolls!
    2. I have just about managed to keep myself away from the Summer sale as I had to finish my layaway for a gorgeous little Whybe.

      My two pocket onions arrived recently and they are adorable!
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    3. Thanks @shinibun :) She's at home, but difficult to find her clothes and shoes that fit! lol
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    4. Congrats on your orders! :)
      I ordered a Pocket Mystery Elf and she just arrived ,but she didn't come with a COA.
      Do the dolls not come with one?:nowords:
    5. @MrsDiablo I've never gotten a CoA with my Nefer Kane dolls and all of mine have come directly from her. I don't think they come with one.
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    6. @shinibun Thank you!:) That's good to know, since this the my first Circus Kane doll. Now I'm in trouble:...(, I want all the pocket sizes dolls!
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    7. The pocket Nefers are arriving here. Moon, Onion, & Humpty soon. They are teeny tiny, I've cobbled outfits together from PKF petite blythe and Puki. Nothing exactly fits it's mostly trial and error. They are just so adorable, I love them all.
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    8. I finally had time to work on some of my dolls last week and managed to get my Moon's face up done. She's is a blood moon, but oh so cute!

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    9. @beatnik she is really beautifil, great work! Love her rosey cheeks
    10. @Jemjoop I didn't even think to look at petite blythes for clothes! What a good idea :3nodding:

      @beatnik I love what you've done with her lips! Gives her that sort of vintage cartoon feel :chibi
    11. @Jemjoop and @shinibun thank you both! She was wonderful to work on, like all of Nefer's creations are.
    12. Nefer has a little update on Ningyo on her instagram! :D What a face that cutie has!
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    13. So adorable!!! I just got a pocket onion by Neferkane!! I’m wondering if they are the same size? I need to find her some clothes... any suggestions?
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    14. I've got a full sized Onion and two pocket onions at home. Congrats on your new doll. Nefer's sculpts are wonderful ❤️
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    15. [​IMG]

      My second Nefer Kane girl, a pocket Mystery. I’m over the moon in love with her. She’s my only doll this size so I’m at a loss as to where I can find more clothes to fit her....greatly appreciate suggestions! Just noticed the reference to Petite Blythe clothes. Will do a search but if anyone knows of a good place to get quality fairylike dresses I’d be very grateful.
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    16. I have no clue if this thread is still alive but I am so excited to be getting my first BJD and it's a Nefer Kane doll!
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    17. @Dollhalla Congrats! :D Who's coming home to you?
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    18. @shinibun A second-hand Iracebeth :love
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    19. Oh I love her! :love Hope you share lots of pictures!
    20. I am a bit obsessed with her :whee:
      I can't wait until she comes home!!! :dance
      She will have an entire photo-shoot I swear hahaha!
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