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NEFERTI by BIMONG- new LE-30 60cm compatible head in four colors

Jun 9, 2010

    1. Discussion thread for the Neferti head by artist Bimong.


      shown above in tanned French resin (aka Real Skin color, a light tan)
    2. OH my!!!She's amazing!Amazing!I'm Speechless!
    3. Thanks, I agree!

      If anyone has any questions of Neferti, please let me know.
    4. the matte white and pinky white which bodies matches?
    5. Defintely i'm in need of this head XD
    6. Does anyone know what torso is the blank head on?
    7. Did you thinking about a match with soom color resins?
      This head is a must to have, gorgeous!I was wondering if it's possible a custom face-up, that would be a real deal!
    8. Obviously Narin ^^
    9. eheh i don't know, seeing the wig size i think is a small head so maybe a 60cm body, i just i dunno which matches eheh
    10. Me too..i'm quite dobtful for the wig size..even if according to neck measuraments the narin neck is about 11cm in circumference,that dosen't mean that the proportion would nicer on soom body XD
    11. I guess the best choice to find easily a match could be pure white, as cream white could change form brand to brand...
    12. its just a shame that they wont sell with a body choice :XD: i would buy her as a him :P
    13. XD XD XD you're such creative!!!!!
    14. LOL!
      i just think this head reminds me my dia lol.. and he needs a little bro :P
      anyway.. matte white is more easy to match with something, i guess?
      im not aware of narin matches.
    15. ohh i see, you're going to change her gender, interesting.....maybe a sort of asian prince...
      uhh i've noitced just now, she have open mouth, and teeth....*gosh*
    16. I like her so much that at this point i really don't care to whom she resembles..
      but you're right,there's a bit od Dia in her. <3
    17. exactly! i love that kind of mouth <3
    18. i'm thinking on PW as to match with angell-studio or angelheim is the best, the matt white could be more like AIL PW?
      Dunno....i'm just thinking out loud...
    19. I'm completely stranger to narin XD
    20. maybe i'll go with white cuz is the only easy choice to find a decent match with a body.. even if i prefer a normal or tan skin..

      i wonder if they can sell with a narin body? so problem solved :XD: