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Nemui Doll - UK based Shinydoll distributor - OOAK Yuli now on sale!

Jan 10, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Nemui Doll is now open for business! Click the image above to visit our blog which contains the shopping guide.

      We are a Shinydoll distributor based in the UK. We work on a preorder basis but will also have in stock dolls for immediate shipping and One Off dolls with face ups and outfits by UK artists.

      In stock:
      One Off Yuli with face up by Bunny Blue

      We are offering the [thread=347112]upcoming Fragille series[/thread] with an Earlybird discount. Hikali, Shioli and Suzune dolls paid off by 5th of March are £260. The price will then return to £280.

      One of a kind Yuli


      Please see all her information here:
    2. added information on OOAK Yuli