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Neo-Angelregion iMda doll - Discussion Thread

Mar 31, 2010

    1. I love her face! Im excited about this sculptor, I think i've seen her works before. Too bad this doll is limited though :(
    2. I love that size- bigger than MSD, smaller than SD. It's perfect, to me.
      Did I miss the price somewhere?
    3. Nope, it's not listed yet :/
    4. As noted on iMda's website...sales are from April 2nd - May 2nd.

      I'm really hoping iMda offers some more mature sculpts. I remember iMda's work from years ago and always liked the look of the stoneclay and bisque sculpts on the website.
    5. I am enchanted by her face. I love the eyes and mouth. I wish they would show more pictures of this doll before she is released. I also wonder what the price will be.
    6. More pics are up, yay! Such an unusual body sculpt she has, I think she could be very versatile as far as age range goes.

      Y'know, looking at her head and neck measurements again, she has a big head of her height! I think maybe you could plop a Delf or Gem girl head on that body, they have similar neck sizes.
    7. Hi Dolly. I also noticed Natassa's pictures are up and I like her even more now. I also thought she seems to be versatile for age. and I like her funky fashions. The big head is not an issue for me as I already have a few wigs in that size that may work for her. I am just concerned she is going to be pricey. I still don't see the price. I wonder what time they will post that?
    8. I kinda like her big head too! Helps with that unique style she has, and goodness knows I have plenty of big wigs too (my Nono has a giant head, lol). ;)

      And I agree, the price might be scary! But at least her outfit/wig/etc are optional, so hopefully that should help with her affordability. ^_^ Can't wait to know for sure though!
    9. Hey I just finished taking another look at Natissa and for those of you interested, you can now start ordering her and like Dolly said everything is optional including her faceup. I love this doll!
    10. She's very charming! I really like her!

      I hope they keep going in this direction. I like to have SDish sizes for my child characters since the adults are mostly 65cm-80cm. It's nice to see more "Larger Doll" child dolls, if that makes sense?
    11. Oops just realized I am spelling doll name wrong. Natassa is corerect.

      Idrisfynn, You are making sense. I like the idea of the larger child doll too. I am not into adults so that is not a criteria for me, but I like the larger size as I can see them dressed as older children, rather than toddlers. If that makes sense? Maybe not. Anyway, also like the larger size as clothes are easier for me to make. Can't seem to handle the tiny stitching.
    12. Hi, I am new to this company of BJD but when I saw this girl, I have fallen for her in a big way. Of couse I want her just like the picture and it will be expensive. Has anyone here used their lay-a way plan? How is the quality. I love her body with the really thin arms and larger hips. Just so different from the few other BJD I have. I also love the size. I was so close to hitting that buy it now but decided I really need more info..........so any help will be great.
    13. Hi kidos610,
      I am sorry I have no experience with this company but I just did the lay a way plan for Natassa and it looks pretty straight forward. You pay first month immediately and then then next 2 payments every 30 days. You can even pay quicker if you like as the invoices stay active in your account with a direct link to paypal. I have a few purchase questions in to Soom since I made the purchase but they have not yet answered. I assume that is because it is the weekend.

      Anyway, I don't think that the doll is ready immediately anyway, so lay a way plan seems the way to go. If by some chance the doll becomes available sooner, you can just pay the remaining payments.

      I hope that I have been some help. Yes she does get pricey with shipping and all the options (OMG) and now that I have placed my order I see that I didn't get all of the options, afterall. Ruffled undies, scarf and other outfit pieces are not included which is a bummer. I also missed that cute hand-dyed dress which is sold out. I don't think it was listed immediately.
    14. Oh, congrats on ordering her bonmwe! :D

      I hadn't even noticed the extra clothes listed. How good of them to provide some more things in her size! Heehee, that ruffled panty set is so adorable and quirky. xD
    15. Dolly it is quirky, isn't it? I think that is why I like it. My dilemma is I want to order the panties but I can't seem to figure out how to add it to my original order. I don't want to pay huge shipping for just that.

      Anyway, you haven't said anything. Did you decide to order her or are you going to wait? Am I being to "nosy"?
    16. Well I decided to bite the bullet and ordered her. I tried to use CC and it wouldnt work so had to go with paypal. I kept getting a message in Koren and since I don't speak it, wasn't sure what it was saying. I did figure out how to add the panties.

      I wish they had a bio of the artist in English.

      I want to think you all for helping me decide on her.
    17. At last another option for smaller SD dolls.
      She's 52cm tall, just like a Zaoll, makes me happy :)
      I hope they launch more mature sculps
    18. Hi Kidos610. I am so glad you took the plunge. Now for the wait. I hate the wait. I would like to add the panties. They are just so cute but I am waiting to hear from Soom. I want to add it to existing order. Can you believe I am so obsessed over these ruffled panties. I also want the shoes. I think they are Leeke and Leeke is out of them.

      As for the purchase process. I had a little trouble getting the order to go through too. I though it was just me. I think there is a way to translate the artist bio in google. Maybe the company would provide that. It would be nice to understand it. Looks lengthy!
    19. I know what you mean about the panties, they were just to cute and of couse we needed the other things to make the whole outfit work. What size are the shoes as I really need them also. Do dealers carry the Leeke shoes?