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NEO-NARAE ELF by Bimong Discussion

Apr 19, 2010

    1. [​IMG]

      Bimong has created a new style of Narae with a new body and Elf head.

      There is news in the NEWS section here on DOA about these new dolls.

      I will be posting in the regular Narae 43cm discussion about the classic Narin Dolls on Dollfair-- they will NOT be discontinued, in fact we will be releasing more things for original Narae and Narin than ever.

      Thank you!
    2. What a pretty face she has, I do like the regulars' too but I really love hers. Such cute elf ears too! <3
      I wonder how she poses. Her joints look about as basic as the regular Narae.
    3. She will pose as well as the original Naraes. Her legs are a little longer and she has different measurements. We have all the measurements on the new site in a big big list!

    4. Hi Lolly!
      I don't think it will be 100 parts which are just heads.. but I do know that over the past couple years, Bimong continued to make heads for Narae but both of us were so unhappy with management at Narin Creative that he just "held on" to them for the future. Now we are both really excited to be working together directly every day, with no middle man. He also missed interacting one-on-one with the doll community, because of the contract he had with licensing. It's been a long five years, but now some fresh air!

      The new NeoNarae Elf has metal circles embedded in her head part, and this will allow all kinds of things to be attached to her head directly, through a wig, with magnetic optional parts. Maybe we can make a wish list of things you'd like to see created for her head...

      The resin matching is always tricky, because it's mixed by hand. We have had all kinds of color shifts over the past years and so what we recommend is you order optional parts as close as possible to the time you order your doll. What I will be doing is working directly with the casting company in Korea, to help manage some of the color issues as well as help speed up manufacturing by helping them with our system. Narin Dolls are some of the most complicated dolls to manufacture because we now have eight different colors, two different resins, and so many options that each doll is virtually custom made for each person. They don't make up boxes of parts and just put them together. Each doll is ordered and made for each person at the time we submit it. And then there are so many people involved in making them.. a team of casting staff, finishing staff, assembly staff, and painting. It's a complicated dance, but one we never get tired of seeing to the end.

      Thanks so much for your questions, we hope to have more pictures tomorrow when Bimong goes to Seoul. I will post them in the news thread, and let you know here when they are ready. If you have questions, I am on the phone with him now every morning while he works in his studio.

    5. Stella, I look forward to seeing what you do with her; your dolls always have such unique character. I really really want this girl, and do plan to order her - but not just yet. I've wanted a Narae for the longest time, and this one is perfect. I have this weakness for elves!
    6. Thanks Aeilia, I think our tastes are not dissimilar. I agree, this is the perfect Narae. And I also just fall apart from the pointy ear thing, I don't get it, but it is true. More than half my dolls are elves I am sure.
      I wouldn't have taken the plunge right away, if I hadn't won that $$. Weird, but true.
    7. Catrina, do you know off the top of your head what size eyes the gorgeous Neo Narae will take?
    8. Neo-Narae looks perfect and I really like the idea that the potential diversity to attch different things to her head. But I never had a Narae yet so I'm not very sure which colour would be best to match my taste...uhmmm...so many colour choices!! hahha.
    9. Look likes she could take 12mm size eyes, but she may go as small as 10mm, but from the pictures they have so far, I guessing 12mm.
    10. It's hard to tell. I used to like 12s or smaller in my Narae (so excited to be getting a Narae again) but her eyes look rounder? I can't tell.
    11. Just a public thank you to Catrina for my free extra feets! I just read in the news thread that the high heeled feet will be included with the Neo Naraes in this order period. Very excited, I want my girl to be a proper young lady. Oh boy now that I said that she'll be a tomboy.
    12. High heel feet?? Oh man......now I know you will have to spam your girl Stella I am anxious to see these new high heel feet for her. Wonder if you can order those seperately for the original Narae?
    13. Yes, i am positive that on the site it says high heeled feet for Narae and Neo Narae. Oh boy.
    14. Ohh!!! GOD!!!!
      I thought Minifees was heaven.... but This neonarae is absolutelly WONDERFUL!!!
      she is beautiful!!

      Someone... how is narae's posing contrasted with minifee's posing??
    15. Minifee can out pose Narae and then some, so if you want super posing then Narae is not the doll. Naraes do look more realistic and mature looking than Minifee.
    16. If you really want super posing, get a Shinydoll, nothing else poses like them. I do agree derilan85, the Fees are much more versatile in movement, but there is nothing to compare beauty-wise to a Narin doll.
    17. I was just wondering if anyone has this lovely one yet? I really can't wait to see owner pictures :)
    18. i sent e mail to neo narae and they say that they would actually sel the head only soon O.O!!!!

      "HI there,
      We are planning to add that option very soon. I will contact you when we have it."
    19. I agree, her eyes do appear to be more round...so pretty! I too would like to know the correct size:)
    20. I loved Neo Narae at first sight! Now I´m hoping for more pictures of her (in different wigs and so on) everday.
      I really hope to adopt her one day, she is beautiful!