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NEO-NARAE ELF PREMIERE! New doll from Bimong & 10% off introductory first ordering

Apr 19, 2010

    1. Hello everyone!
      Big news from Narin Doll artist, Bimong.

      He's created a new doll called NeoNarae Elf, and we are offering it at www.neonarae.com at a special introductory price of 10% discount through April, 2010....


      A whole new face and body for Narae.. she's a little leggier with a new figure too.
      She has special attachments on her head for future magnetic optional headware such as antlers, cat ears, and maybe some jewelry!


      Custom or default facepainting is available. You can also select either closed or open hands, and extra hands are also 10% off in this ordering period. Dolls are available in either matte urethane resin or French resin, in one skin color (shown under several different lighting conditions to show you how it looks in real life).


      At the end of March, Narin Creative's contract with Bimong expired and he now owns the license to all his dolls exclusively again. In partnership with Dollfair, we plan to work together closely in order to speed up orders and produce more dolls in cooperation with the doll community.

      Owners of NeoNarae will get a special membership to a private forum so they can communicate personally with Bimong and make suggestions for new dolls, accessories and styles. We hope this new venture will really excite our customers and enhance their enjoyment of doll collecting and creativity.
    2. She looks amazing. Do you have any picture of any poses the new body can do?
    3. Thanks for asking.. we'll get those for you !

      She was just casted for the first time a couple days ago so we are still busy working on photos and getting her some clothing. Her default faceup is now set by artist Day.. and she also can take custom facepainting orders.

    4. In the future, will there be a white skin resin option?
    5. Yes, we will have different skin options in the future. At this time we are trying to "keep it simple" by not starting out with too many options. Yet Bimong vows we'll soon have 100 optional heads, parts and accessories. As we talk, he's working on new things for Narae.

      As I posted in the Narae 43 thread too.. parts for the NEO NARAE are interchangeable with the original Narae.. even the head and hands! The original Narae is not being discontinued. While we transition between management groups, we wanted to have a separate web site to help us during the transition phase.
    6. Catrina, maybe I just missed it, but is there only one color of resin? And is it possible that the French Resin is the same price as the regular urethane?
      (Weeping over here, she is irresistable, however you spell that)
    7. Yes, there is only one color of resin now in either matte urethane resin or French resin (one price, $425). In the future we'll have more colors but decided to start off with just one popular color... as shown. Most Narae are ordered as pinky white or tanned resin. :- ))

      We also have the ordering page open now, and extra hands are $30 each pair (closed or open hands). You can also order a set of extra open and closed hands for $60.

      ~~ My DOA inbox is already full. If anyone needs to contact me, please use our customer service account:


      This helps me organize requests better, than jumping here and to DOA and other forums.
    8. Oh lord i love this doll, is there any chance to keep the default makeup just with pink instead of purple in the eyes area, with the same price for default makeup? i looove this doll, i might buy her instead of the other one i had in mind for my birthday <3

      Oh! and the 10% is already applied on prices? :O cuz i get the full prize
    9. How long is the order period going to be?
    10. The price you see is the discounted price, which will be through the end of April.

      You could probably just send me a note that you wanted a slight color change on the default facepaint, and that would be ok : - ))

      Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments on her. She really is adorable, and I like the elegant long legs too.
    11. Do you have her measurements? How big is she?

      She's beautiful, by the way!
    12. Here you go:

      Height: 42cm
      Head circumference: 16.5cm/ 6.5 inches
      Bust: 18cm/ 7 inches
      Waist: 12 cm/ 4.5 inches
      Hips: 19cm/ 7.5 inches
      Shoulder width: 6.3cm (6.9 with arm), 2.5 inches (3.5 with arm)
      Length of Arms (shoulder and wrist) 12 cm, 4.75 inches
      Forearms (elbow to wrist) 6 cm, 2.25 inches
      Length of back (nape to waist) 6cm, 2.25 inches
      Length of thigh (hip to knee) 15.5 cm, 6.1 inches
      Length of calf (knee to ankle) 11 cm, 4.27 inches
      Ankle circumference 5.5cm, 2.28 inches
      Foot 5.5cm, 2.28 inches
    13. Thanks again for the great questions. Bimong and I talk every day for a few hours on SKYPE using both voice and text. He writes to me in English a little, and we speak to each other in both Japanese and English on the voice side of SKYPE. We used to talk to each other via a Korean translator, but found it just took too long to share ideas (brainstorm) via a translator which took a couple days going each way from English to Korean and back.

      I'll try to post a closer pic of the head magnet attachments when I get more photos. It's a smooth ring that inset into the head resin. So glad you guys are excited-- it's been really fun working on this.
    14. Very excited, she's absolutely gorgeous. The fact that white urethane will be an option later down is especially so!

      Also, may I ask what the full price will be after the discount?

      Side question for the mods. Should this girl receive her own discussion thread, or should she be a part of the Narae discussion?
    15. She's definitely a new doll, so "Neo Narae" can have her own discussion thread. :)
    16. Can I ask if the photos are of matt or French resin (in particular the photo of the faceup'd doll)? Do you have any direct comparison photos between the two types at all?
    17. Tell me please, Mr Bimong plans to make a new body Narin 45?
      The new girls a whole head, not faceplait - say, old head of Narae can be put on this body?
    18. Hi everyone,
      Had a nice chat with Bimong this morning and he's going to Seoul tomorrow to get more photos for you of NeoNarae! I asked him to send different poses and maybe some different looks.. He'll also send me some of his art doll photos from exhibitions, so you can see some of his earlier work.

      1. he says the doll in the photo is French resin. The matte urethane resin is similar color, but will have a matte finish.. that means it's more opaque than French resin, but also stronger against sun and oxidation since it's not translucent. We're pleased to offer you your resin choice.

      2. The castings were only just made, so we don't have any comparisons.. but you can check out the Dollfair site to see many dolls there (the current Narae 43 shots) which are in urethane matte resin. Many of our customers love it because they enjoy a smooth velvety finish to the resin.

      3. Bimong has many plans for his dolls.. I'm sure a new NeoNarin body will be coming along eventually. Since Narae is so much more in demand though, we are starting off with the new Narae body (NeoNarae).

      4. The old Narae heads can be put on the NeoNarae bodies, and the new NeoNarae Elf head can be put on the old bodies. At this time, we don't have sales for separate heads in NeoNarae Elf. Also, hands are swappable between NeoNarae and the original Naraes. I think they might even be the same!

      Thanks again for so many nice emails about our new NeoNarae Elf and her lovely sculpt. We will have more information and photos soon as Bimong sends them to me from Seoul tomorrow (which is late tonight USA time). If you send me more questions, I can have Bimong answer them personally.. he's really enjoying hearing all your ideas and questions, which I read to him every day.

      Again, please contact us via our email for personal questions: service@dollfair.com since our PM box here on DOA fills up quickly and it's also difficult for me to match up DOA nicknames with customer names in our system.

      Talk with you later!
    19. I'm assuming the prce you quote doesn't include faceup. How much extra would that be, both default and custom? I love this girl and just have to have her!