Nervous about box opening?

Nov 13, 2020

    1. So, I recently bought a doll. I eagerly awaited the shipping notice, followed all the shipping updates (sometimes updating the tracking page hourly), and yesterday she finally arrived!

      That is, she arrived to the post office where she is now available for pickup. The post office is a five minute walk from my house. And... I haven’t gone to pick up the box :eek::sweat

      I find myself suddenly nervous about unboxing the doll. Normally I would have been all over it within minutes of it arriving, but this time is different for some reason. What keeps going through my head is ”what if I don’t like the doll”, ”what if it was damaged in transit” etc. I guess because it was such a big purchase, and I have antcipated the arrival so much, I’m afraid of being disappointed.

      I was curious if anyone could relate? Have you ever been impatient for a doll to arrive only to put off actually unboxing it?

      Edit: Doll has been unboxed and I am thrilled with her! I guess I had nothing to worry about after all :kitty1 Thank you all for the comments :kitty2
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    2. I'm still waiting for my first doll but I can already relate to that - I'm bouncing between being all excited to get her, feeling like she is never going to get here and being terrified that I somehow made a mistake and I would not like her once I get her... It' irrational - I know myself and I know what I like, but the amount if time I had to wait is messing with me - I had all the chances in the world to over think this... And it is exactly what I did :lol:
      And no I don't know how to stop myself from over thinking it - I'm hoping that it will be easier with following dolls, but the first one is a roller coaster!
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    3. If you go get the box, at least it's in your posession and you can take your time checking it over for any unfortunate damages. Then you can rebox it until you're ready to actually have that doll.
      But at least make sure they arrived safely. Sometimes having that different goal makes a dreaded task easier.
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    4. One foot in front of the other!
      I want to give you a little push to at least go pick up the box :) ... It's best to not let time slip away and have to race to get it in case they wonder if you plan to ever pick it up! Just best to be safe than sorry.
      Once you get the box in your home, give yourself the space to enjoy the opening. I do this with some special clothing purchases too. There's a spot in my room that gives me comfort in particular where I can experience my first view of a long-awaited item with privacy. Sometimes that's important!
      It's an exciting thing, you're entitled to your nervousness! <3
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    5. I actually did! With my fist doll, I got it and I just couldn't open it in fear I didn't like it anymore (which was a baseless fear, I loved the doll as soon as I saw it).
      I can just say... Go and get it! During this weird period, I wouldn't risk leaving the doll in the post office, you never know if something happens. If you don't feel like opening it immediately, just let it sit in your room for a few days, and then open that sweet doll you waited so much!
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    6. I would personally be afraid of ruining the packaging. My first doll should be in this super cute box, and I'd really like to keep it. (I have an obsession with adorable boxes.)
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    7. Agreeing that you should go pick the doll up as soon as you can - who knows if it will be sent back or lost if it sits around the PO too long. Also, if the worst happened and it is damaged, waiting too long may result in the seller not taking responsibility for the damage.

      But I totally understand where you're coming from. Some dolls are scarier than others for whatever reason.
      I've only been really nervous to open a doll four times (which seems like a lot...but I have a lot of dolls)

      My first doll - Dollmore Kara Klum - I'd never seen a BJD before. I had no idea what to expect and I was terrified I'd hate him on site and have wasted $800 (I paid for a faceup and seam sanding and bought a lot of clothes with him). - 12 years later I still have him so i'm going to go out on a limb and say he worked out XD

      Peakswood Goldie - I'd been dreaming of this doll for years. I obsessed over the idea of owning her and all those Val Zeitler clothes and wigs for her. She was expensive and I didn't care much for girl dolls. I did not hate her on sight, and she actually stayed with me for years before I kind of moved on and sold her.

      My ultimate grail doll - Volks Michele - The most expensive doll I will ever buy. He was bought off YJ through a shopping service and it was the first time I'd done either. I knew I'd love him having seen one in person (so I knew what to expect) but I was so afraid of damage, and that something would have happened and I'd have been scammed. I left work to go pick him up and was shaking I was so scared. He was fine. I still have him.

      Iplehouse SID Doria - I needed a Catwoman to go with my EID who is Batman. Same as Goldie, I was afraid I wouldn't like her when I opened her, and she was bought through DC so she was more expensive than a basic and I didn't care for girls much (that has mostly changed tbh) and I had a complicated relationship with Iplehouse. She was literally love at first I shouldn't have been worried, but I was.
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    8. I was also nervous when I received my first doll but I was quick to pick up the package due to living in the city - package theft is really common in most places but here especially. It can be nerve wrecking, for sure, to open a package, after waiting for so long! I was really nervous something would've been wrong with my doll as well, although I was anticipating her arrival too. It's the most uncomfortable feeling - It can be a mix of excitement and terror. In the end, sometimes the build up of wait times and (maybe) excessively browsing others pictures of the same sculpt, tracking shipment.. can also kind of give you more to exceed your expectations. Are they packaged well? Is it the same resin I ordered? What if I no longer want them as much as I thought? etc. You're not alone at all in feeling this way, It's a tidal wave of emotions. I hope she's everything you wanted! :eusa_pray
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    9. Thank you all for the comments! I’m a little relieved to know that it’s not only me feeling this way. I did pick up the package, and it’s now sitting safely on a shelf waiting for me :) I think I will follow your suggestions and take my time with the box opening though, that way it will be more special :kitty2
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    10. I don't feel nervous at all about unboxing a new doll. I can't wait to do it. Usually I've been waiting a long time to get the doll and I am super excited to finally see them in person. Doll unboxing is a special time and always makes my day. :)
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    11. Nope, can't relate. As soon as the box arrives I'm opening it up to inspect the order for damage/completion. Then, I spend an hour trying out wigs and outfits from my stash, to see what looks best on the new arrival.
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    12. I was a bit nervous when I unboxed my first doll recently, but really it was my nervousness about it being damaged that made me get right to it, as I wanted to make sure if he was damaged, I could contact the seller right away. But of course, my fears were not necessary, and he was perfect :3nodding:
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    13. I'm an old hand (like, REALLY old) at box openings, but I ordered a fullset in January, received it in early August, and did not open it until late September. :sweat I've never done anything like that before - usually I can't wait to tear into it - but for some reason, I had a lot of trepidation this time, as though I knew somehow that I would be disappointed. Sadly, I was. I hate his faceup, which was one of the things that made me fall in love with him in the first place. It is so different from the company photos that I barely recognize the doll. $1K+, and I shoved him back into the box and haven't looked at him again. Eventually I will get him a repaint and hopefully love him all over again. BUT...that is the rare happening in my experience. Rip off the band-aid, open the box, and you may end up loving her and laughing at your own hesitation. Waiting did not help me at all, it just prolonged the inevitable.
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    14. I have been nervous about opening a box, but not so much that I put it off for days or weeks. When I got my Impldoll Aigne, I was nervous because the last doll I had gotten from Impldoll arrived broken and I was afraid she might too. Luckily, they now wrap and package dolls much safer than they did when they were a newer company, and she is absolutely flawless and one of my favorite dolls.

      Even if you're hesitant, I strongly recommend picking up the doll and opening it. You need to be sure you pick her up in time before the PO returns her to the sender, and you also need to be sure she doesn't have any damages, as most companies only send replacement parts if you report the damage within a few days of receiving the doll (I think it's usually 7 days for most). It can definitely be upsetting to open a damaged doll, but if it happens, you definitely want to be able to get it fixed without investing more money!
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    15. Yes! I was so nervous when I got my box, however he had been delivered to my front door so I didn’t have to worry about going and picking him up from the post box. I hesitated to open the box at first. I was so busy with work I didn’t have an awful lot of extra energy to be able to set up some lights and bring out my camera to take pictures of my box opening. Would my camera be fine? Would I regret not going full out, especially for the first resin doll? Would I still love him as much as I think I am going to?
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    16. @CloakedSchemer I ended up going to the post office yesterday, and the box is now safely at my house :) And you’re right, inspecting the doll for possible damages is a good idea.

      @celga Thank you for sharing this story! So sorry to hear the doll was not what you had pictured. I hope you can find your excitement for him again :) I think in my case, it’s not because I expect to be disappointed, but weirdly because I think I will really love this doll. Makes the stakes higher I guess. Anyway, I plan on doing a slow and careful box opening this afternoon!
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    17. I can be like that with big purchase or the second books of a series. I am so excited for it and then I don't quite manage to read it for a while.
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    18. It's completely normal to be nervous about a doll unboxing. I know I was. I was so nervous that I clipped all my nails and then took a long bubble bath to get all my dirt out. :XD: I was so nervous to touch my doll, I didn't want to accidentally scratch her or break her.
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