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netural Feedback Tsukiko

Aug 21, 2006

    1. i purchased a ar cien head on a august 5th from Tsukiko we both live in us
      head was supposdley shipped on that day as well
      got no email that is was sent no info
      i had to email her to tell me it got sent back to her
      she said she sent it a second time and it got sent back to her the next day
      she said i ship it with fedex item is suppose to arrive today i will kindly remove this once i get a head but this person has yet to send me tracking number for the head or proof she sent it when she was suppose to have given me this info days ago
      the head did come in so i am leaving this at netural unless a moderator tells me other wise
    2. Okay, I mentioned to you that it would take a little while for the head to arrive, and secondly It really wasnt my fault that the package was returned twice, It took until the moment I actually had to virtually go down and verify that the address was there. Now, finally I got it out to you and I believed that it would get to you.
      Note, that it took over what you would have paid for the shipping to ship, but I wasnt going to say anything because you were being so patient, nontheless- I emailed the tracking number out. I could have sworn that I did, but my email isnt something I keep track of, I apologize for that.

      However, you did recieve the head yes? I said around the 21st, that doesnt really involve time before hand. If I can guess correctly, I was right..yes?

      PLease remove this thread, asap...because I really wouldnt enjoy others being afraid of buying from me :/ thanks-!

    3. actually since this is all sorted i forgot to change it i am sorry for that but yes the head did finally make its way here this was written after i had no email contact which contact finally got made and this was sorted

      also yes the head did get misstaken i got a ar ren instead of a ar cien after which supposdley there was a typo never seen but yes this is all sorted now.