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Never ever sold a doll?

May 22, 2010

    1. I can't seem to find anything relating to this as such. Usually its about selling...but...

      I am curious to see how many people are like me.

      Who here has never sold a doll?

      What are your reasons?

      Would you ever consider it?

      For me I have never sold a doll (Well, one I wouldn't consider a doll personally, I was given a DZ fox free once but I'm not really into anthro). I've also never sold a floating head. It means I have a drastically large collection and not much room. I never feel I want to though. I have considered it in the past, but only due to money problems, to which my mom said "you will regret that if you sell any". I believe her.

      I'd say my main reasons are not so much about bonding with each one, but I feel each one has a home here, and I wouldn't want to upset the balance. Also, I like large numbers, and they do influence my artistic side.
    2. I have never sold a doll.

      At this moment I have my first doll (dollzone cherry) and a floating head (luts wintery 08) who are lying around and whom I can't bond with.
      But still I am not selling them. The main reason is because I am very strong emotionally attached to things.
      Some days I am considering to sell my luts wintery head, but I just can't do it.
      For my dollzone cherry, I am still trynig different kind of mods to try to bond with her. But her mod project isn't going very fast at the moment. XD
    3. My first custom, an OT Little, will be 6 this year, the first on topic is 4. I don't se them going much of anywhere as I figure they're here to stay.

      Now I have parted with Barbies and other fashion dolls, some of whom were a good 25 years old, the time had just come for them to go. There was no longer a connection. I've made some dolls too, and seen many of them go in to the doll burning day pile because they don't 'work'. I've had a few doll spirits migrate from one to another as well because the doll has worn out. Came close to that with Shi Shi who spent a few months pondering if it was time to change scale until I could fix him.

      You will feel inside when a doll, or another cherished object, is ready to go. They will tell you 'I want to live with that person' or 'this isn't the right body for me, let's try again'. And your mom is right, there are times when money can't compare to a good doll, they don't mind eating top ramen with you.
    4. Although I'm just getting my first doll, I agree that I could never sell one. I do own other dolls and I can't imagine selling them either.

      I suffer from WAY to much imagination, and to me they have a personality. I'm the kind of person that believes they come to live when you aren't looking! I do consider them toys, but I also consider them artwork. I can see maybe my tastes changing in art, I can just get a new face-up and new clothes for my doll.

      And I'll always love toys! *lol*

      That... and I'm a pack rat!
    5. Whilst I haven't sold a doll yet (I only have my one girl at the moment, and we're like glue!), I can easily see myself doing it in the future. In every other collecting hobby I have been a part of there comes a time when I downsize and keep the things that really matter to me. I don't connect as strongly with everything I have, I guess. And right now I can't imagine not being into dolls, I've entirely gotten over things I've loved heaps before (Anne Rice books, Amanda Palmer), and somethings that I will always love (Sailormoon). I don't know where dolls will end up! I hope they are a forever thing though. :)
    6. I have seven dolls and a floating faceplate, and I've never sold any. I think there are several reasons:

      1. I've been disappointed by some, but I've never hated one enough that I wanted it out of my sight. I always figure if I liked the promo pics enough to buy it, there must be hope for it, especially since they're so customizable.

      2. I don't like selling my things in general--when I don't want them anymore, I either give them away or throw them out. Selling just seems like such a hassle (and on the marketplace here, a risk even) and I guess I'm just not that desperate for money.

      3. I do get attached to things easily.

      4. I don't try to make my dolls into things that they're not. I decide on their personalities and what they're going to wear after they arrive, so there's never the "they don't fit the character I was planning" thing.

      5. Space isn't an issue for me right now, so getting more doesn't mean selling some.

      I don't really see this changing. I think I'm pretty good at figuring out whether or not a doll is for me before I hit the button. I just can't imagine opening the box and thinking, "Oh my gosh, what did I buy?!"
    7. I did end up selling very quickly the second doll I bought. He was a sweet thing, but I bought him a little bit on impulse because I wanted a yo-size friend for my Honey Delf, but if I had thought it through more I would have eventually bought the doll I now have - a Kid Delf Mill.

      I'm now being a little more thoughtful about my purchases, and making sure each one is going to fit in, because sadly I don't have the space and finances to keep them all if one doesn't work out! The three I have now are absolutely 100% here to stay though :)
    8. Who here has never sold a doll?
      ::waves paw:: That would be me!

      What are your reasons?
      Multiple, really. For one thing, I have never 'not bonded' with anyone in my collection of...14? I think? When I buy a doll, it seems the connection has been made by the time I complete the 'ship to' address. If the doll arrives and is not exactly what I expected, I have no trouble adapting either my idea or the doll itself to come up with something new - in fact, I find that process very exciting. Every single one of my dolls is special to me, and every single one has things I'd like to 'try' for them, whether costuming, mods, or further customization: I'm not done with them yet! And, I like the way my 'group' looks together - if any one of them were gone, I think they would be missed.

      Also, living in an extremely remote region, I'm leery of shipping anything out. I am more-than accustomed to things I order spending at least a month in-transit to get to me, usually - but I see the rest of the world is not so patient.

      Would you ever consider it?
      Only if I'd created the doll with the original intent of selling it. I have a few ideas for dolls that I want to do for the 'doing' but am not particularly attached to in terms of ownership.

      I've also bought a faceplate for the sole purpose of customizing it an giving it as a gift to a dear friend - not the same as selling, but similar in the aspect that I had no intention of keeping it.
    9. I thought I would be one of those people who never sold a doll but that changed recently. I had a couple of tinies, while super cute they never seemed to work with the rest of the family. I felt if they weren't getting "played" with I should sell them (or in this case trade them) to someone who will enjoy them.

      I've also had a few dolls out grow their mold. I have a DZ shoyo up for sale now that was supposed to be my Shiwoo's little sister but for what ever reason I just couldn't bond with her. I bought her different wigs, she had two face-ups, clothes, nothing seemed to work. Then I realized she needed to be a larger doll, the scale was all off. Keeping the shoyo would be silly. It also limits my funds.

      I should mention that when I do sell a doll it takes me about a month or two to be happy with the decision. I never take selling them lightly.
    10. Thanks for all the interesting replies! I am glad I'm not the only one who has never sold, most of the friends I have, have sold many dolls on.
    11. Yup, never sold any. Not even a floating head .. and I have a few of those @.@

      As for my reasons, I'm not entirely sure. I'd say I'm emotionally attached to many inanimate objects to begin with; be it old jewelery, books that fall into pieces but are too precious to me to get newer versions of, or my dolls.

      I've also never had some serious 'bonding problems' in the first place. I assume that is, because I take my time to think about my next dolly purchase - it took me about a year of lusting until I finally bought my first doll, because then I was sure it's really him, I want. I don't just buy because I think a doll is pretty either (nothing wrong with that), I mostly plan my dolls as 3D versions of OCs and I'm pretty sure that's an important factor as well.
    12. Me neither! I am one of those people who has trouble parting with anything, even junk. As I solemnly drop a favorite pair of destroyed shoes or a broken answering machine down the garbage-chute, I salute them for all their hard work. :lol:

      Dollwise, nobody ever gets sold (I have 30, big + small) because I only buy for love. It's got to be love - I have a one-bedroom apartment, so I can't afford to buy for mere infatuation! Every one of these guys had something that called to me before they even arrived here... I could clearly envision each one of them integrated into my collection by the time I hit the Buy button. So by the time they get here, it's already hard to imagine the house without them.

      Actually I should qualify that - I HAVE considered selling, once! One lone freak in the 30-man freakshow was not a purchase, nor even a choice. I won Jimmy the Rei-Tenshi as a raffle prize at a Volks Dolpa. I don't like babies or angels or teenies, he's a 10cm fetal-position baby angel. Once I got over the pleasant shock of winning, I started wondering how I could sell this scary thing quietly without being crucified (the torches-and-pitchforks come for you if you sell a gift). But they say that those Volks Tenshi choose their owners, and now I'm fairly convinced-- he was giving off such attitudinal vibes, that by the time I got home, Jimmy was already one of the guys. Now I can't imagine the house without him, either.

      But otherwise, no, I can't even bear to sell my extra floating heads that nothing ever gets done with. :XD:
    13. I have not sold a doll yet, but I have decided not to keep one of my two boys, there is no bonding so I do not want to keep him, because that would be for the wrong reasons.
      never EVER though will I sell my kdf Ani, she is my most favorite doll 8)
      I was in the never-will-I-sell-my-dolls-camp for a while, but then I changed my mind. I don't feel bad about it, if its not working then its just not working.
    14. I, in my short year or so here, have not sold a doll. I considered it once when I felt I wasnt bonding with the doll but I changed her wig and eyes and loved her dearrly again. I think I would only sell a doll if I wasnt feeling for it anymore; except my KDF Ani boy and DOC leya...even though I wont love them as much I put my heart into them as my firsts so I would just keep them somewhere safe.
    15. I have sold some of my dolls...when I got into the hobby I threw myself into the hobby. I would buy heads and bodies off the marketplace with no rhyme or reason and no further thoughts about it. When they would arrive I would pair one body with a head and it would completely not work...I wish I would have been more thoughtful about my purchases back then. Now that I'm considering my dolls a little bit more I have no want to get rid of them. I'm very pleased with my doll purchases now than I was before.
    16. Who here has never sold a doll?

      I've been in the hobby for almost five years, have 22 complete dolls and two floating heads and have never sold any.

      What are your reasons?

      I get really attached to my dolls -- I put so much time and energy into them, and they're also embodiments of characters that I love. So for me, it wouldn't just be selling an object--they're more than that for me. That doesn't necessarily mean I would never ever ever sell a doll under any circumstance what so ever (see below), but it's not something I can take lightly, and it's something I would prefer not to do if possible.

      Would you ever consider it?

      That's a hard question...I think the only time I would do so would be if I really really believed that the character would be better off shelled in another body. But then would I sell the original doll body, or simply use it for a different character? I don't know. It's not something that I've seriously contemplated doing. I don't know what the future will bring, and I've spent enough time in the hobby to have done a lot of things I didn't think I'd end up doing. However, selling a doll would be an enormous decision for me.
    17. I've never sold a doll - makes for a very big and ever growing collection! XD

      Like JennyNemesis I have terrible trouble even getting rid of junk, let alone things I spend a lot of money on. For this reason I am very careful when I buy a doll - I've got to really want it. Even if they dont' click with me first off, I give them a chance, try to get them to work. Sometimes it takes just a change of wig or clothes, other times it can take a year of work to get them right.

      I think to sell a doll I would have to be in real dire straits, and I would probably sell off half of my house before I sold them because they're what I put all my time and effort into. But right now the though makes me anxious. ^^;;
    18. Who here has never sold a doll?

      *raises hand* Me!

      What are your reasons?

      Well, 1) I'm pretty new to the hobby, and only have 2 Dolls. anc 2) I put lots of time and effort into my dollies, I wouldnt have the heart to get rid of them!

      Would you ever consider it?

      Never, never, never xD Well, unless someone kidnapped my mom and said they'd kill her if I dont sell my dolls to them. But thats a highly unlikely scenario <3
    19. Who here has never sold a doll?

      I have not sold a doll.

      I've had BJDs for 6 years. I have sold a free head (and am trying to sell another free head, and a School Head A that I bought for the class), but that's it.

      What are your reasons?

      I like all the dolls I've bought--a lot. I try not to buy on impulse (although I've had a few that were close to that!), and I think very hard before I buy because I know I don't like selling dolls (too much trouble and as I said, I try to make sure I really want the dolls before I buy). I'm not sure I bond so much as tend not to get rid of stuff easily (I will sell some things and get rid of other things, but I have definitely pack-rat/hoarder tendencies, I do admit!). But I really, really like my dolls. (I don't think they have feelings or anything, I just really enjoy having them.)

      Would you ever consider it?

      Yes. It's definitely not out of the question. But so far, I really love and enjoy all my dolls.


      Last edited by april; 03-14-2011 at 12:37 AM.
      The hoard of hoarded dollies is getting a bit large and every-growing, though! *_*


      The Hoard is even bigger! agh! Maybe I should sell some, but I do still enjoy them all...!!!!
    20. I've never sold a whole doll. I have sold one head (and regret it) and one Puki faceplate (It went to a good home), but I get too attached, too quickly to sell any of my dolls. I promised each one - and I have 28 dolls - that I would never sell them and I won't. I have two floating heads that I was going to sell, but then I put eyes and wigs on them and now I can't do it. They've become part of the family!