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Never sold a doll??

Jul 27, 2007

  1. yes

  2. no

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    1. I have yet to sell a doll and I was wondering if there is anyone else who never has?
    2. No, I never have, but I can't see that I would either, I haven't had my dolls for more than a few months and I already love them too much to part with them!!
    3. Not crazy for selling dolls, but I have done it 3 times. The first time I had deep regrets over, the second not so much, and the third time was to bring home the same mold in a LE. My advice is think hard about selling, because you don't want to always regret!
      Whoops no 4 times, but the one I forgot was for a kit.
    4. If I never sold a doll I'd be in trouble, and up to my eyes in resin. D: I think I've sold about 9 different dolls in order to get my family of 4.

      I know many people have a policy of 'no sell' and I think that's wonderful. ^^ Others just have bonding issues and have to search and search to find the right ones. x3
    5. Once a I buy a custom it's pretty much mine forever. I did part with some of my old Barbies, including one I had for a good 25 years, and for a moment I was sad then I saw what their new parents were doing and I was happy.

      It could be different if I bought a doll I was planning to do up and sell after all.
    6. Never have sold a doll I've bought, and never plan to. If they aren't what I wanted, I'll fix em until they are.

      Now, I do plan on selling dolls I've made... Though it may be pretty hard to give up one of my babies.
    7. I've never sold one...
      Hopefully i won't sell any of them either... ^^;
      I love them to the bits and i don't think i can part with them no matter what... -__-
    8. I have never sold a doll....nope never...well a resin one for that matter. Ive sold some old american girl dolls on ebay under my moms ebay acct. but ive never sold a resin doll. I had plans to once but I just couldent part with any of them...lol
    9. I haven't sold any of my dolls. The only thing that came close to that is me selling my girls extra head that I didnt want, and I traded my boys body for his new one. I cant see myself without them ^^.
    10. I am not crazy about the selling Idea but I have sold three. :( I wish I still had them all.... and most of all I miss the Chaim I sold. >___< But it was for the best b/c he wasn't fitting in. He's with a new happy owner now so I am glad. :)
    11. There have been a couple that I've sold/am selling. What's been the case in both situations is that I've been dead set on getting that doll, and then when I have them for a while, I find that I don't bond with them as much as I first thought I would.

      It is a little sad for me parting with them, but I would rather sell them to someone who would enjoy them much more. ^_^ And in the case of the last one I sold, she's being spoiled rotten with a lot of other "friends" to be with, so I was quite happy to know she had gone to a better home!
    12. never have, but then I have only had dolls since the end of January! And now i have 5! I have guiltiy thought about selling ym souldoll tiffee boy because I couldn't string him right, but we have wired him now and he is a lot better. It was frustrating as I could pose him at all before that ( he was a kit doll).

      Not sure I would sell a doll, but then you never know when you might need the money- or you might just lose interest.Right now I can't see it happening an I hope it doesn't ever.

      However, you have to be grateful for thos who do sell, thats how I got both my souldolls! And i am keeping my eye on the market plac ein case a unoa sist ever comes on there!

      I am oging to sell my Blythe though, I feel very guilty, but she doens't get any love compared to her resin friends. She needs to go to someone whose first love is blythes.
    13. I have yet to - but then, I haven't had mine quite a year yet. n.n;; I won't rule out the possibility, but I am far, far too much in love with my creepies so far ever to consider it. <3 Plus I've been pretty good about ONLY getting molds that I know will be characters of mine I love, and double-checking owner photos when possible to be sure (my Woo.U was a bit of a risk, since I got him in the first ordering batch and there were no owner photos - but he turned out to be every bit as precious as Ninodoll's pics and I love him to DEATH even without a body, so I got lucky there).
    14. I've sold bodies, but never a doll. It's not through lack of trying - Moscow's ended up on the marketplace more than once, but I'm yet to find anyone who actually WANTS her - but mostly I've never been able to bring myself to part with any of my little resin darlings, no matter how bad the cashflow gets.
    15. I've sold dolls...a bunch of them. The usual reason is not lack of interest or need of money. Honestly, I sell them to buy a new doll that fits that character better. Some of my poor characters have been through several dolls. Sparrow's been through Present Ren, MSD Rock, MSD Hewitt...and now he's MSD Hewitt, but with default faceup. :) And the Mark I'm waiting for to be Thomas Chatterton will be his...fourth incarnation. So that's a bunch of dolls that have passed through the MP, but the characters (which are the heart of the dolls to me) are still around for the most part, just in a new resin form. :)
    16. I've never sold a doll, but I wouldn't have a problem doing it. I'd just think it through as much as I did when I was choosing a doll to buy! No offense to anyone else, but I think it's silly to assume that you'll never be bored with your dolls and want to change them. Saying you'll never get bored of them is like saying you'll never change your hairstyle. I believe it's quite impossible, but I'm sure there's exceptions 8D
    17. Well, I have had the same no bangs hippe hair cut for ten years....:sweat

      I have not sold a doll, though I have only bought two so far. I might end up parting with a floating head if I dont end up liking him once he gets here though, but I guess that's not the same as selling a doll you have had for a long time.
    18. I've sold 3 dolls, and it was quite hard to part with each ;_;
      I kinda wish I still had them all... *sigh*
    19. I've sold barbies and pollies, possibly a babydoll or two... never sold a BJD before though, and I don't ever plan to either.
    20. I would never sell one of my boys. They're all here to stay. :) :aheartbea