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Never taking your dolls out again..

Sep 4, 2010

    1. have you ever had a scare that makes you never want to take your dolls out ever again??

      yeah, kinda self explanatory there. I had one of those moments TONIGHT.

      Okay, so i went to my school's football game with my friend, and my other friend's ex boyfriend was there. So he came over to talk to us, and i showed him Desmond, my pukipuki chuchu which i took out to the game since him and Riima hadn't been out in a while. So my friend's ex, being the dollaphobic he is, asks to see Desmond. Then he throws him over the fence. Now..i can't hop fences..so i had to pay this little girl 5$ to go down there and get him. :x
      And then my other friend was telling me not to bring them out again..to leave them home. And it's situations like that that make me actually never want to bring them out again.

      even though i probably will
    2. HOLY CRAP!!

      That action deserves a punch in the dick if I've ever heard one...

      As for not taking them out again--I would keep taking them out of the house, but definitely be a bit gunshy about handing them over to someone. Did you explain to him that Puki's are at least $200 dolls? Usually putting the fear of small claims court is enough to whip some asses into shape.

      Still. WOW....

      EDIT: Now that the shock has worn off a bit, I recall that I once showed someone something special of mine while we were driving. He asked if he could see it so I handed it to him and he threw it out his car window (we were on the freeway!) I was so shocked he could do something like that, so I pulled his hat off his head and threw it out the window. Then I smashed his car stereo into his dashboard with a few good kicks. He said it cost him $200 to fix it.

      Honestly, I'm more shocked at your restraint of retaliation at this point O_o
    3. What Anneke said!!! O_O I am lost for words that someone would ACTUALLY do that. That's..just...he's sick in the head frankly!!! O_O Is the dolly oki?? I hope he is..
    4. :O! Your poor doll! I hope he is okay! I personally do not let anyone touch my doll unless I know they will treat her with care and respect (basically anyone who knows the price). Yet some people will just be mean and rude no matter what and sadly you learned that :( I luckily haven't had a scare like that, but it would probably involve theft if I ever have one.
    5. Thank you guys for the quick replies and concerns. yes, Desmond is okay, and yes i went after the ex. but i'm not a violent person even though i wanted to torture him for what he did to my boy (and it was the part of the fence that was blocked off because the football action was going on on that side. I was scared TO DEATH.) Anneke, your story makes me smile X3

      it's amazing what goes through the minds of people when they are doing these things. And how they think they can just do it in the first place.
    6. If he didn't know how much it cost and how easily some parts can be damaged he may have thought it was a funny joke. Teenage boys can be really cruel sometimes.

      IMO, dolls belong at home, and possibly at doll meets, and other places where they'll be welcome and will not become a distraction to someone.

      My boyfriend has pretty serious pediophobia. Dolls really scare him. Or well, not "scare" but completely unnerve him. He says that they look too life-like, yet at the same time "empty" and "dead". He's gotten somewhat used to mine - he says that it's because he's been around them for a while, and because I've spent to much time blabbing to him about their characters they've sort of "come to life" and no longer look "empty" to him. But he's confessed that he would feel really uncomfortable around dolls owned by other people. (My mother is the same, but it's a lot milder for her. Like, she loves my little baby one because he don't look human enough with his big open eyes and tiny nose) I honestly respect that sentiment, and keep my dolls at home. And before I bring them out anywhere, I ask if anyone is pediophobic so that I don't have to unnecessarily cause them discomfort. I mean, I have pretty irrational arachnophobia, and I'm really glad that people who keep spiders as pets are polite enough to not happily shove them in my face and coo about how cute they are while I get this cold sticky feeling in the bottom of my stomach and freeze up looking for an escape route.

      I've never really had any experiences that made me want to not bring them anywhere but... That's because I don't bring them anywhere often.
    7. W... Wow. This is why I am so NERVOUS about ever letting people touch my things (it will take alot of convincing, or for me to be sure about you, to let you hold one of my snakes... no lie- Those two are like my children). I don't care if he didn't know how much it cost or whatnot- you NEVER do that to someone else. That kind of disrespect is disgusting. I would be telling him all about the serious legal reprucussions he would be facing by defacing my property if that EVER happened again.

      I personally will bring my dolls with me anywhere I want to- but I also know when they belong in a doll bag or in my arms, and not near anyone else. Luckily most of my friends are mature enough to understand that you don't just jack peoples stuff up like that. ugh.
    8. I know what you mean by not taking them anywhere, but the only reason i took him was to show him to my friends. Now i know not to show them to him anymore. and im glad your boyfriend is warming up to your dolls <3
    9. I think you should send him an itemized bill inlcuding cost of Pukipuki and shipping, etc. Hand it to him. Say, "Next time you throw it, this is how much you owe me to replace it." I mean, seriously... if you retaliated by throwing his iTouch over the fence it would cost about the same.
    10. I'm definately never bringing my dolls anywhere near my mom again... seriously anytime she comes near my dolls something horrifying happens.

      Iason landed on his face on the concrete just a couple hours ago:...( luckily he was ok. didn't even have a scratch.
    11. Ahhhhhhhh! I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, but yes I would flip out. I don't show much restraint sometimes ^^;;;; But generally, no, I keep my crew at home.
    12. @KianiOhaku - Oh my gosh! That whole doll-tossing business is so disturbing!! I seriously would do as Leloi suggested and print out a bill of all of the costs of your doll andhand it to him. >> People can be so inconcievably rude sometimes!

    13. But you know... knowing clueless people like I do, they would reply with, "What? For that plastic thing? You're kidding." In their mind small doll means cheap plastic, easily replaced and no big deal. They don't understand the whole "you break it, you bought it" idea or the fact that some small things can actually made from expensive french resin and be just as expensive as the big ones due to tiny complex details. Nor do they seem to understand your legal rights should they destroy your personal property.

      And really... if they spout off "What's the big deal?" I hope the OP responds with the doll's price tag. Throwing away $200 is kinda tough to deal with... unless he really doesn't understand the concept of the value of money. Some kids are sheltered from that. They ask for something at it appears without any understanding that the item cost money. My son has problems with that concept... of course he's only 7 and they only touched on "money value" and "budgeting" last year in school so he doesn't quite understand that "things cost money" and that we "run out of money."
    14. I would destroy anyone who did that to me! I'm not one to take my dolls out, because of the thought of getting them damaged or dirty, but I did have them at a convention- nothing bad happened to my dolls- but there were times that there was close calls! A friends doll was on display- and someone accidentally pushed him over- he almost fell on the concrete floor! She didn't mean to, but that was enough for me not to bring my dolls out as much as I want to.
    15. If somebody did that to me they would be in deep crap -- taking/destroying someone else's property is against the law. Sometimes people need a reminder that they're responsible for restitution if said property is damaged...

      That aside, I've never had an experience that would make me never take them out. However, some places/situations are more doll friendly than others, and that's something I do keep in mind.
    16. Honestly, the only valuable I would think about taking to a sporting event would be a camera - if that. It's an unpredictable crowd and people getting really hyped up and adrenaline rushed just watching a game. Cool heads do not prevail.

      I only take my dolls out for specific photo shoots and doll meet-ups. I also take my dolls to other local BJD owner's houses. If the place I'm going isn't doll oriented I don't see the point in bringing one along. It's an extra hassle to carry and fuss with it and having something go wrong with my doll could ruin my night. I go out to to eat, see shows, have fun and catch up with friends - doll time is totally separate. I guess I think about potential disasters ahead of time and work to avoid them, so I haven't had anything bad happen to keep me from changing my current doll/social habits.
    17. I have brought my dolls all over, to the theatre, to school and all around town. I never leave my dolls unattended, I never let people touch them. If people ask, I will tell them about the dolls and the price tag right away

      Ive only let 3 people touch them other than myself, my BFF (also a doll collector) my friend justin (he's slightly phobic but he wanted to look and hes nice) and my mom, who knows the money i spend on them

    18. That is BULLYING which should not be accepted! How dare making you pay money to fetch something he threw over a fence! He's a stupid bully who does not deserve respect! I'd demand returning those 5 bucks he made you pay because this is unacceptable! Then cover him in oil and feathers :evil:

      Bullies should be left in the gutter for all I care so they will feel how their victims have felt and are often still feeling.

      I'm glad Desmond is allright. Resin can take some beating fortunately.
    19. I no longer take my dolls anywhere, nor do I attend meets for this very reason. Over the years I DID used to, more damage was wrought on them than you can possibly imagine, from destroyed faceups, to scratches, dings and in one instance, a girl who flat out denied she'd got nail polish on a doll when she was the only one wearing any. That was enough to tell me that I was no longer going to allow even other doll people outside of my immediate friends anywhere near my dolls and I am NOT precious about them.

      Other people do not care about your dolls as much as you do. They just don't, and doll people can be the worst for that because they're often distracted with their own dolls and the people around them, so while it's certainly true that I take my dolls out for shoots and the like alone, I would never, EVER, take them out in a large group of people or to a meet again.

      To the OP, bill him for a new puki and if he queries it, tell him to think before he behaves like a four year old next time.
    20. MY GOD. I'm going to be SO afraid to let anyone touch my dolls! That's putrid. I can be violent. I'd have punched him in the face FOR YOU. >/
      I'm so glad the little doll is OKAY. For something so expensive and meaningful, people are such jerks. If you spend 200 dollars on a doll, it's the equivilant of someone stealing away someone else's tiny laptop and breaking it... D: