New Doll New 1/3 dolls will be released soon from GEM of doll

Jan 1, 2016

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    2. I recently stumbled over Gem of Doll and I find them so stunningly beautiful :love! Is there some way to see the dolls in action articulation-wise? Sadly I couldn't really find any videos. Another thing I wonder about: What are the production times? Are they in the 3-4 month range?

      Thank you very much in advance :)!
    3. Thank you for your love.You can find some videos in and if you want to order dolls,you can e-mail us to [email protected] or buy them from local agents.Thank you for your patience .
    4. Thank you so much for the link :D !! Can I assume production time to be around 3-4 months?

      Thank you very much!
    5. Of course you can!
      This is the shopping mall from GEM of doll,Thank you.