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New 50cm girl from A.I.R - Darjeeling

Nov 21, 2011

    1. This is a thread to disscuss Siwoo's new creation 'Darjeeling'. It is the first full doll from A.I.R (body and head) and the order period will run from 25th November ~ 2nd December. Further more there will be a 10% discount for owners of previous A.I.R dolls.

      News thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...w-SD-size-Original-doll&p=8499459#post8499459

      I think she is really sweet. It's unusual size and if you wanted a girl (or even maybe it could work for a very young boy aswell) of about 12-14 to be in scale with a family of SDs, I think she would be perfect (as the typical mini is a little too small proportionaly to fit that age range, I tend to think).

      I already asked Siwoo, and the head sadly won't work for existing heads realeased by A.I.R like SAY ans RUY, due to being much to small, which is a bit of a shame, but she is very lovely in her own right.
    2. I think she is wonderful! There is a serious lack of immature/child SD's out there. Her body is just adorable too. Does anyone know if she is double jointed?
    3. She's super cute! I like her dressed as a boy best! What a cutie, and a unique size that makes a cute little sister for larger dolls. But They really should offer a boy body too.
    4. I really want to know how much she will cost...because I NEED her D:
    5. She is absolutely to die for, I'd buy her in a heartbeat, but sadly I don't have the money right now. :/
      I guess I'll just have to keep my eye on the second hand market after the sales!
      She would be such a cute little sister for my SAY girl. <3
    6. That order period is way too short!
      I hope they do further releases cause I'm loving the size of that body. ^^
    7. What a cutie!!! I love the size and shape of this doll.

      Temp - Yeah, AIR springs new releases suddenly with really short order periods, it makes it hard to plan and budget for. ;__; I had to jump fast to get my Ruy but I am glad I did, I love him to pieces.
    8. O mai :o she reminds me of the hypermaniacs!!! (the body especially) :D way too cute,
    9. I can't see the pictures :(.... is the site down?
      Or if possible will someone please post the pictures here?:sweat Thank you!:aheartbea
    10. Oh she`s VERY affordable for me since I already have one of her dolls :D

      I`m going to debate though as my wallet is in pain atm :<
    11. i only managed to see one photo, but she looks darling already! :)
    12. I will definitive buy her <3 Can`t wait to order her :)
    13. There were some positive news in my salary this month so I might go for her as well!
      Though, I kind of only want the body... ^^;
    14. Questions for previous owners;
      How long is the wait time for these cuties?
      The line:
      .. kind of leads me to think they are pre-made or maybe that's just how many orders they were counting on.
    15. I think they are already cast when she announces the sale period, at least that was my understanding when I ordered my Ruy head. I don't know how many she has in a run but the number has got to be pretty low. All my Ruy needed after I bought him was to have his face-up done (she let me have a combo based on both the A & B styles being offered!) and he was here within a week or two?? I'd need to check my records but it was quick.

      Good luck to those who are going for Darjeeling!! :clover
    16. Thank you for the information. ^^
      I'll have to cross my fingers then. I pre-wrote the order form so I can sneak send it fast tomorrow at work when the order period starts. :sweat
    17. I just sent my order <3 I hope I will get the chance to buy her D:
    18. Me too! Siwoo replied quite fast thanking for the order and quoting that they might do a lottery.
      Hopefully people have already splurged all their money on other winter events. :eusa_pray :XD:
    19. I can't get any details to come up on their webpage - Like whether they sell just the body or if you have to by the whole doll (the body looks immature enough for what I've been looking for but the face sculpt isn't at all my sort of thing, and I wouldn't want to risk buying a whole doll and being stuck with a head that I don't like and can't sell on).

      More shots than the one body shot shown on the News thread would also be good (in that one, it's hard to tell if the ankles are OK - they look as if they might be lumpy ones like the DollsTown Elf body has).

    20. I think it's the whole doll only.
      However, since it's such a limited quantity I wouldn't think selling her head would be that hard as many people might want her but could be short of cash due to the holiday season. But that's just my speculations. 390$ for such a unique SD body+head isn't that bad either. ^^