New Doll New 57cm Unoa Rowan Lottery Open!

Mar 6, 2018

    1. Unoa Rowan is Ready!

      We want to thank everyone who has been patient for the announcement of the Unoa Rowan. This month will be her first sale period. She is available in fresh skin for this period, and we have only 20 available dolls. You may choose between Metia (closed mouth) or Prim (open mouth), or you may choose a decadent face instead of the default if you prefer. Rowan will cost 86,000 JPY plus shipping from Japan.

      Each Rowan kit will come with:

      One full doll with faceplate of your choice (Metia, Prim, Metia Decadent, Prim Decadent)

      Wig, wig pattern, stringing kit, eyes

      Option items available:

      You may also purchase option items if you win a place in the lottery.

      Zero hands: 4,000 per pair, or 9,000 for three pairs.

      Zero heel feet: 1,500 per pair – random color

      Extra decadent face: 5,500

      To enter the lottery: Email us at [email protected] and let us know whether you would like Metia or Prim, and whether you would like any optional parts. We will choose the winners of the lottery on March 25th and contact everyone. Once we send invoices for the winners of the lottery, you will have 5 days to pay the invoice, or your spot will be given to another entrant. Please do not enter if you are not prepared to pay the cost of the doll. We do consider non-payment of previous orders when selling limited items.

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