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New 5SD Dolls: 3 Tinies and SD Michelle

Oct 28, 2011

    1. 5SD just recently came out with 4 new sculpts: Mr. Pumpkin (tiny), Kathy (tiny), Kane (tiny), and Michelle (SD). Mr. Pumpkin and Kathy come on 5SD's type-B tiny girl bodies, and Kane on their type-B tiny boy body. Michelle comes on their standard SD body.

      In regards to the 3 tinies, while there does not seem to be any drop-box option for a full-set, the site mentions under the components for each "Outfits: Need to order." Perhaps this means that they plan to enable the option to order the full-sets or that one need inquire further to purchase them. In any case, the site also lists that in addition to a random wig and random eyes, these tinies also come with a random pair of shoes by default.

      Mr. Pumpkin








    2. This thread will be locked while it is discussed if these dolls will be on topic. A decision will be posted in a few days.

      Update: These dolls are on topic.