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New Angel Region 3th(rd) Kai Set plus set with Warrick

Nov 20, 2005

    1. Hello, I just found out some happy news for Kai lovers out there. AngelRegion has a new Kai set out!! In limited Rose White. Also the Warrick limited has been extended and both Kai and Warrick can be bought as a set!!

      Please note pictures of 3th Kai have been added on (do to problems with AR site) with another post on this thread. Please scroll down to post 11... ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=417310&postcount=11 ) To see yummy Kai!

      More pics added with Kai and Warrick together as a set. Scroll down to post 16.(http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=417433&postcount=16 )^___^

      Edit: This is for people having problems getting into the newly revamped Angelregion site. This fix might work for you. Thank you kisaki_kun for posting this email you received. :)

      From Angelregion:

      Hello! First of all, we're very sorry about all the inconveniences. First, please press 'F5' button to refresh the webpage, and erase all cookies & temporary internet files. And please also check that your computer is showing 'Java' scripts properly on the Internet Explorer. We'll also keep checking whether our homepage have any errors or not. Thank you very much.

      Also another way that you can try is to get to angelregion.com: Go to http://angelsupply.co.kr and click the banner that says 3th Kai and Warrick update.
      http://angelregion.com/ (they have have changed their opening page layout)
      http://angelregion.com/fair.htm (for both Kai and Warrick and others)

      Kai 3th(rd) set pictures (He is Beautiful!):http://angelregion.com/productimage/ka002.htm

      Kai 3th(rd) Info and ordering: http://angelregion.com/productimage/ka001.htm

      3th Kai - Fair Boy
      Present Set

      Time Limited -
      2005. 11 - 2005. 12. 15

      Cloth - Chinese Style 2 pices
      Shoes - Silk Chiness Shoes
      Package - Doll carrier
      Wig - Black Wing Style 9 inch
      Eye - Grey Glass eye
      Two Hand Part - nomal, Rock
      Rose White Skin

      Makeup _ By Kaiiyu

      Finished Jointed

      Price 660,000 won, 66000yen 660USD$
      Shipping Fee- Korea 3000won, Japan 2500yen, U.S.A. 60USD$

      PLUS - Kai + Warrick Set - 1,000,000 won, 100,000Yen, 1000USD$
      (One Dollcarrier inside 2 doll's)
      Warrick - New Fair Boy (He is the same boy sold in late October and early November)
      Present Set

      Time Limited -
      2005. 11 - 2005. 12. 15

      Cloth - Chinese Style 2 pices
      Shoes - Silk Chiness Shoes
      Package - Doll carrier
      Wig - Black Long Style 9 inch
      Eye - Green Glass eye
      Two Hand Part - nomal, Rock
      Nomal Skin

      Makeup _ By 林

      Warrick pictures:http://angelregion.com/productimage/wa002.htm

      Warrick Info and ordering:http://angelregion.com/productimage/wa001.htm
      Addon: Coming soon specials (not yet)--
      *The One is Only One Fair O.O.A.K. Line Special Present Petit Nurse Cossette

      *Angelregion International Only
      Fair UFK Set -
      400,000 won, 40,000Yen, 400USD$

      Special Present
      - 2 Doll Order Present - Doll Carrier Free
      - Girl's Order - Plus 9inch Wig Free
      - Boy Order - M Size Shoes Present

      Set include
      Doll's Head
      Body Parts

      Code - UFK-SET-TYPE-Body
      Color - Nomal Only
      Type - Nick(Nell), Allern(Elly), Warrick,
      Body - Girl, Boy

      Edit: It seems the links are not working for some. :( I have some other links that might work, I hope.

      New Kai:http://angelregion.com/productimage/ka400600_01.jpg

      Also if you somehow can get this link to work: http://angelregion.com/fair.htm
      It will lead you to all the info you need. :) I was just putting up the extra links for ease of looking.
    2. None of the links are working for me ;_;
    3. same thing here ;_;
    4. That is odd. :sweat I just rechecked and clicked them from the page and they are loading up. I am using IE. Are you using a different browser?
    5. I'm using Firefox, but I just checked with IE and they still didn't work. D:
    6. I use internet explorer but it still doesn't work x_x
    7. and I dont see the update on the working AR site, http://angelsupply.co.kr/eshop/index.php
      I hope Angelreligion gets this sorted out soon because I love their dolls and kai and Warrick as a set... -swoon- even though I wont have them, I can dream.
    8. I am not sure why they are not working for you. :( Have you tried cutting and pasteing the links in your browser? The site is the normal angelregion url.
    9. Ah it isn't updated at the angelsupply url, only at the angelregion url (http://angelregion.com/ ) . :/ Not sure why it doesn't work. I can see them clearly but I am not sure if angelregion would want me to upload the pics in my photobucket maybe I can upload a few and take them down when it works. Also it is set for interenational orders off the http://angelregion.com/fair.htm page.
    10. If I go to http://www.angelregion.net/ I get a loadable page, but if I try to click on anything, I get an error page. Hopefully Angelregion will take note and have the issue zipped up soon!

    11. Here are 3 new picture of Rose White Kai 3th set. :D



    12. *0*!!!
      he is GORGEOUS! *___*
    13. That is odd that url works for me too and when I click on things. Also the angelregion.com one works too for me. However since they are redoing their layout and site there might be problems with it so not all can see it. :? I do hope it will be cleared up soon.
    14. Takiko, thanks for posting the pics! Wow, is he gorgeous!!
    15. Ohhh he is so gorgeous! I wish I had enough money to get him...
    16. More pictures. Kai and Warrick together. ^-^



    17. Ooh, thanks for posting pictures Takiko! <3

      ...Wow *reminds herself that she doesn't need more than one Kai* @_@
    18. No problem. ^-^

      *la sighs* He is so dreamy! I really, really want one!

      Welcome. ^-^ That he is, very gorgeous! And I love that wig he comes with.

      I am staring at the screen myself! :D I so wish I had the money now. I just ordered a doll a few weeks ago so my money is tied up. :( But maybe....maybe...plots...
    19. i really love kai but sincerelly i hope something more spectacular.
      first kai is so cute,second kai adore he is so cool and gothic,tanning kai is exotic.... third is a little bit single ,doesn&#180;t it?
      i&#180;m not saying that he is ugly but ..... i was waiting other thing &#191;.&#161;
    20. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't Warrick have a Customhouse feel to him? :3