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New Angel Region Fair body discussion

Jan 23, 2007

    1. Well, if they are going to make a new body for the fairs that would only be good. Hope they are going to change their hands too then ^^;
    2. A new body for the Fairs? Awsome! ^^;; I have a lot of problems with the current body, but there are no other resin matches to the crystal skin! So it's sad being kinda stuck =\
    3. oewh you have problems wih the body's? Sounds awfull...
      My little fair is fine.

      I just hope i can get her a more mature body...
      shes kinda flat and mistaken for a boy a lot...

      You don't like they'r hands?
    4. Maybe he has a flat head? ^^;

      Anyway, Fair bodies well...I know that my boy's legs are a bit uneven, his got trunk ankles, and they don't have much mobility, same with the neck. The head doesn't have much mobility. He can't look up that far, or down.
    5. Really? O_o... My Fair boys have insanely good posing and joint mobility... Maybe it has to do with the stringing somehow?
    6. Maybe they are wired?
    7. my girl is wired..an yes she can stand on her head if balanced right...
      They are gonna release new Little fair bodys as well.
      For boys a more muscelure body...for girls a more ...boobed XD body...
      it isnt the same body as the blue fairs because they made a new design..and are gonna start sculpting it as soon as they finished the fair...
    8. Where did you read that?? Are there any pictures yet? I always likes angelregion faces but I had serious problems with their bodies.
    9. I hope mature bodies for both girls and boys *cross fingers!* I love my Elly, but her body is so childish, I want more breasts and hips! :fangirl:
    10. I was confused by the picture as my AR's can stand on their head as well. I do it all the time!
    11. My Ren poses and stands well too~ I never have any problem posing him. =O But oh well I am so excited about AR coming up w/ all these new stuff~! =D I especially can't wait to see the 3 new LF heads. @-@
    12. anything new about these new bodies? Insanly curious for a more mature girl body for my Sunako!