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New Angell-Studio 1/3 Dolls Cinderella & Andrea

Oct 9, 2008

    1. HI dears, we are uploading our new dolls Andrea&Cinderella.^_______^ There will be different versions of them. You may see the price of Andrea or Cinderella is 0 usd.

      Now detailed options for them are available all. Detailed options of
      other dolls would be checked soon. If you find there are errors, like
      no faceup(+65). Leave a message when placing the order, so I would cut
      this fee and don't worry about it.

      Price is lower to order together than order them seperately= =+)

      They are standards, not limiteds. and come in 4 different versions. ^^ Andrea and Cinderella will be available in normal body and senior body.


      Andrea&Cinderella Punk(Sun Tanned)





      Andrea&Cinderella-butter(Campus version)


      Andrea&Cinderella Pink(Fashion)


      -Sakura L.
    2. Will the outfits be available for purchase seperately?

      Also, the website does not allow selecting options like the rest of the dolls (scent, skin color, face-up etc). Will that be up soon? And does that mean that the outfits are included in the price?

      Finally, the dolls are only listed under the normal body. Are they not available in senior double-jointed bodies?

    3. are they standards or limiteds?
    4. I have sent the email to them. They told me they are not limited and there are senior body and normal body in different prices also. It seems that they are busy uploading new dolls. O.O And they told me there would be promotion in this month.
    5. Looks like you can order them separately now :)
    6. They are also now available for order at Denver Doll Emporium :)
    7. I don't see them on Denver Doll Emporium site.