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New Angelregion Fair Boy Warrick Is Here!

Aug 30, 2005

    1. Update Oct. 7th 2005: He has shown up at the international site but not at the Korean site for some reason. He is a really lovelyl boy and limited at this time. He comes with a really beautiful outfit. :daisy

      Name : Fair Boy "Warrick"

      Set Information:

      - Make-up completed Head & assembled Body(not sandpapered)
      - Crystal Normal Skin
      - Outfit set (Long Jacket + Trousers)
      - 18mm Glass Eyes (Green)
      - Romantic Black (9inch) wig
      - Special "Rock" hands set
      - Violin Case
      Cost : 600US$
      Limitation:by October 31st.

      Update Sept 6: Angelregion has confirmed a September release for the new doll. It also should be on the international site as well. This on the Q & A board.

      Hi! Thank you for having an interest in our dolls. Yes. We'll release new type 'Warrick' soon. It is a 58cm(Fair) doll. We haven't decided the exact release date, but we're trying to do it within this September. Thank you so much.


      I will try to keep on top of this. for more updates. ^-^

      I hope this is the place to post this if not please move it. ^^;

      Is a new doll coming?

      Does anyone know about this doll? Is he going to be new? Or is he old? I have no idea how long his name has been up. There is no picture of him at the site but he is listed with the regular dolls. I never heard of him and I did a search here and his name did not come up. I saw the name at the japanese and korean sites.

      Type : Fair Boy
      Name : Warrick
      By Cereal Killer


      List of dolls
    2. Hehe Warrick is one of the names I want to call one of my future dolls.
    3. Yes, I'm pretty sure he is new. ^^ Someone on angelsupply.co.kr asked if Kai will be available again, and AR said that he won't (not anytime soon anyway), but mentioned a new doll that will soon be released. I can't wait to see him! :grin:
    4. ooo i think he's new. i cant wait for them to reveal his pictures. he's going to be Fair/SD size....hmmmm
    5. Warrick is the name of my house XD Eee new doll! I cant wait to see pics <33
    6. CEREAL killer... rofl... sorry that just struck me as most hilarious this a.m. :oops:

      The Vampires!!!

      (throws self on floor and has major apoplectic attack)


      >gasp choke die< :crushed
    8. Yeah, it is funny. hee, hee :grin: That person also made the AR "Glow in the Dark" doll.
    9. Cool. :daisy Would that be the Bermann? *hearts Bermann*

      Ah they did mention it. Neat! I have not been reading their board so close as of late. Yeah, I don't think Kai will show up until they have another limited doll release or the UFK come back which will be about Dec or Jan. I am really curious myself in this new doll as I am getting a soft soft for Angelregion. :grin:

      I can't wait either! Angelregion does not have many regular (non-limited) male fair/sd dolls. I think a new one is a great thing. :daisy

      That is interesting! I only have a name for my car. O.O And I wonder what he will look like. I hope they uplaod the pics soon.

      Aww...yeah they have them. I think they might only be on the Korean and Japanese sites but that don't mean you can't get them. I saw one in the gallery the other day. :grin: