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New AOD (Angel Of Dream) Dolls and Clothes -

Sep 9, 2007

    1. Hi Everyone –

      Just wanted to let you know AOD has just released 6 new ¼ Size dolls and also our line of 4 1/6 Dolls is almost ready to start manufacturing! They are very cool and I really like all the dolls coming out! We have also just released some new suits for Boys that will come in about 21 Colors by the time we are done. All the suits are well made and come with seven pieces. (Coat,Trouser,Jacket,Shirt,Tie,Hat and Belt.)

      So far we have 10 Authorized Dealers in the USA that will be carrying the AOD Line and we hope to have their stores stocked in the next two months. Please check out their sites and call and place a pre-order with them. Please tell them Aaron sent you from this DOA thread.  – A few are still in the process of signing up! Below are the confirmed store so far -

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Texas ) -
      Lone Star Dolls - Dale and Frank Ohl
      PO Box 1782
      Alpine, TX 79831
      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Oregon) -

      Stella's Doll House
      4750 SW Washington Ave
      Beaverton, OR 97005
      US - 1-866-411-Doll (3655)
      INTL - 1-503-646-8028

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (California) -
      The Junky Spot
      Emory Sung
      Email : info@junkyspot.com

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Washington) -
      15702 Main St NE Duvall, WA 98019
      E Mail: bearzabout @msn.com
      Phone - (425) 844-9100 or 1-800-595-1050

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Washington) -
      Dolls and Friends
      545 D 156th Ave. SE
      Bellevue, WA 98007
      Emails - Kathy: Kathy@dollsandfriends.com, Jennifer:
      Phone - 1-888-746-0244 or 425-746-0244

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Washington - Internet Only) -
      JPOP Dolls
      Email - Jpopdolls@aol.com

      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer (Colorado) –
      Denver Doll Emporium
      5730 E. Otero Ave #700
      Centennial, CO 80112
      (303) 733-6339 Phone –
      (303) 777-0229 Fax
      Exclusive Angel of Dream Authorized Dealer ( Michigan ) -

      Bouchard Unlimited
      P.O. Box 573
      Hazel Park, MI 48030-0573
      Phone: 248-543-2696

      Aaron Egawa
      USA Sales Rep -
      Angel of Dream
      WWW.aoddoll.net or WWW.aoddoll.com
    2. I don't know if this is in the right place, but will these pictures come on the international site too?
    3. If any of you have any questions at all about AoD at our store (Dolls and Friends) please let me know. ^_^ My email is jennifer@dollsandfriends.com or you can just PM me. We don't have all of the dolls up on our website yet, but only what will be in the first shipment. If you'd like one of the new petites or anything else please let me know.

      People are also welcome to come into our store and do resin matches for their floating heads once we get the dolls and bodies in. You can call or email me about that, too, (once they are in stock) but I'm limited to what we have in the store or my own dolls for comparison.
    4. Are there any agents in Europe who will be carrying the new AoD dolls or eBay sellers? I'm in the UK and i always get hit with import charges from the US/Canada but not from Asia/Europe so i am looking for an alternative.
    5. May I ask where the www.aoddoll.net website (the english version) is based out of? Is it still China, or will it be a "US version" ?

      Can't wait to see the rest of the new products!