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New AR Fair boy

Mar 14, 2005

    1. I agree about the Kun boy. Hence why I want them as brother and sister. XD So beautiful<333
    2. He's so pretty! :D I'd like to know more about him. D'you think he'd be offered for a limited time?
    3. Oooh, he's so pretty. I wonder if he's limited. If he's not, he'd be the perfect Remiel someday...
    4. That's a great idea - they'd make a lovely set. XD

      I hope he's not a limited! I dunno, it doesn't look like he is, but AR seem to have a bit of an odd way of doing them sometimes.
    5. i don't know bout anyone but to me, he looks a little like isao.. lol.. maybe my eyes have gone a little wonky.. haha.. *_*

      but yeh.. he's such a pretty boy! XD
    6. Oi. Double post. >_>

      Forget this existed.
    7. Aw. He's very cute! (I'm such an AR fangirl...)
      Although, I think he'd make a better Little Fair than an actual Fair... He just seems like he'd look better if he was smaller. Trying to imagine him the size of Tatsu is kind of hard...

      And I think he may be a re-release of Allen... Their facemolds look almost exactly the same.
    8. Aw~! He is absolutely probably my favorite 60cm boy now. :chibi *melts* If he's limited, I'm gonna be pret-ty unhappy.
    9. I can see differences in nose, eyes, and especially the mouth, which appears more curvy in this new mold.

      Possibly by the same artist, as the curve to the jaw & chin are quite similar, but otherwise not too alike.

      Definately cute, though, and so is Allen. :)

      Ann in CT
    10. ...

      They put him in a suit jacket.


      NOOOOO! *WANT!*

      I don't even know what I'd DO with him, but I want him! ;O;
    11. Oi! Sorry for the double post :deletes:
      DoA was going to explode on me or something. >_>

      I haven't really studied the two together. It was just one of those... "Wow, they look alike!"
    12. :love I waaaants him!!!!
    13. o_o Eee! Does he have the same body to AR Kai? I'm trying to work some boys into my doll plans and I want a boy with the smaller, kinda punier AR body and another boy with a bigger body, so as to be siblings seperated by a few years. But I didn't want an AR head mold... but... o_o that face! I may just end up buying him, putting a Marin head on his boy(If it'll fit or isn't to hard to mod) body and saving his head to be another daughter... he has the prettiest little face.

      ... o__O;; And my first doll's head hasn't even shipped yet! XD Bad me! Bad! You need a JOB first, you crazy lady...
    14. Oh I like him!!!!!!!!!
    15. I'm pretty sure that all AR Fair boys have the same body (same with the girls...) so yes, he should.
      His body looks like Tatsurou's from the picture, so I'd think so. XP

      I must be the only one who doesn't think he's incredibly spectacular... But I'm glad that they got around to making another large boy.
    16. Does anyone know if a: they've improved the AR boy hands? (I seem to remember Kai having a bad case of "mitten" hands) or b: if this new beauty is limited or not? (I totally love him.)
    17. As far as I'm concerned, all AR dolls have the mitten hands.
      I'm not complaining... Fox's are out of proportion...