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New Arrival of Limited Marbledhalls wigs, New JPop, New Monique

Nov 14, 2010

    1. More new wigs have arrived! The MarbledHalls wigs are very limited in number and cannot be repeated!
      Please visit www.jpopdolls.net

    2. I don't recognize the wig in the bottom picture. Is it a new style that isn't up on the site yet? I was thinking it could be "Paris" but that style is much more straight.
    3. It is a new color of Pretty Girl called electra, we have it in all sizes 5-6 through 8-9
    4. Are the Marbledhalls wigs made using the same synthetic mohair as the Jpop and Monique Gold wigs, or are they a different synthetic material?
    5. Hi, yes they are the same fiber, some if it is treated for special effect.
      On the streaks in Pretty Girl, there is also gold, 2 blondes and a teeny weeny bit of pinkish