Limited Items [NEW] Artist Face-Up 'Gloomy Roselyn Human-2' Update!

Jan 7, 2020

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, everyone! ^^ This is LittleMonica.

      Today, we introduce you Human's new Face-Up work, 'Gloomy Roselyn Human-2 !

      This Artist Face-Up will be sold as 1pc in the world,

      and please note that this Face-Up will be sold to the person

      who makes the payment for the first time!

      Sale Time : 2020 Jan 10th 4pm (Korean Time)

      - That product is for artist face-up. To prevent any possible damage, we ship head and body in separation.

      Head will be shipped in styrofoam box. Body will be shipped with its certificate.

      - Head and body of that product would be shipped separately.

      Therefore it is difficult to get its shipment fee in estimation.

      We will check shipment fee upon readiness of delivery, and the balance of shipment fee would be returned by the point.

      In non-membership ordering, we will support you if you put your memo on Q&A after you subscribe.

      Thank you.
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