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New at AngelRegion!

Oct 13, 2005

    1. [​IMG]

      His name is Halloweird. Oh wait, I don't even know the gender, actually. But he's just like Present Ren, only in normal skintone. Cute dress tho, I want! <3

      EDIT: Its a girl! Female sleepy-eyed Ren <3
    2. He does look just like Present Ren!
    3. Well, it says "witch" and the clothes are a dress with socks, so...I'm leaning towards female? But it's still debateable.

      And a cute doll regardless!
    4. The measurements of the body are the same as the LF girls, so I think she's a she. ^_^

      So cute...!!!
    5. ...*dead* Oh lord, that chair. She's so adorable, I didn't realize the Present Ren sculpt would make such a cute girl. Wow...
    6. wow e__e I want *paws at the picture*
    7. wow angelregion has been pretty busy lately. Looks like a present ren to me too. and sounds like a girl as well.
    8. Oh good! First Ren girl with sleepy eyes.. She's perfect as a witch ..
    9. She's so cute! Looks like Judas, although, I don't think she'd mind being in a pink wig as much as he does.

      I musn't allow myself to look at AR's stuff anymore!
    10. LOL- She comes with teh smae tarrot cards that I have for my Present Ren XD
    11. Wah! More new stuff! I think Angelregion might end up with all my money. :o
    12. Is that purple eye shadow? *goes to site to get a better look*