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New B & G dolls!

Dec 14, 2008

    1. I was just poking around on B & G's site and saw that they've added four new dolls--two brand new sculpts and two re-done versions of older dolls:

      Freya Type2
      Sky Type2

    2. What is their site? Is there an english version?
    3. B & G doesn't have their own english site, but there are various dealers and shops who carry them, including Denver Doll Emporium and The Junky Spot. Neither of these sites have the new dolls available yet, though.
    4. Dear, I am the staff who work for B&G DOLL, and any question and question please go to my website:

      Thank you!
    5. Layla, are the new model Sky/Freya going to replace the old molds?

      (And yeah, MinekaC, I'm wondering if they're going to put out anything new for the 1/4s myself.)
    6. Dear Flidget, I do not think so.
      The old Sky and Freya will be still available in the future.

      And Please Attention!!!!!
      Only one another staff (in ebay) and I are working for B&G Dolls officially.
      We can give you all events\gift\free face-up or other gifts which from B&G Dolls.

      Thank you~
    7. Layla, can you please confirm you mean Jack/BJD-Dolls as the authorised Ebay seller?

      Because as far as I know we never got an official statement on happygirlined2007 being an un-authorised seller.
    8. Is the other official eBay seller renaissancefashion?
      Do you have an idea when the company will officially release the new dolls?
      (I'm tempted by Eleanor but as a boy.)
    9. Dear, this ebay seller and I are NOT friends. We do not really know each other. :sweat