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New B&G Size - Leile

Dec 26, 2008

    1. very nice ...very nice indeed ...my favorite size too
      I shall keep my eyes on that
    2. The head seems really large but I guess thats the lati like size ratio. I think I have gone off these tinies with large heads.
    3. umm it seems promissing and I do hope they release more model. their newer doll seems very nice! They are changing their style quite a lot! Personally when I saw the news' tittle I tought they would be making 25 cm but 18 isn't all that bad. Might get one if they release one I like, this one is quite cute but not my style...
    4. Cute, but I have to agree with Treelore--her head is way too big for her body. For me, especially in tinies, they need to be more proportionate.
    5. The head would probably look really cute on a Lati Special body. ;)
    6. Yeah, this looks like a Latidoll with a Dollzone mini head, IMHO. Not my thing, but Latis are extremely popular, so maybe something similar will be a hit?
    7. Very, very cute. Love the lips.
    8. She reminds of me of Lati tanned Lea so much, it's really odd but I'm glad other companies are making 16cm cuties. X3
    9. I think I like her because she reminds me a little of Lea too
      that pouty look ...
      I have to admit ..I like the larger head ..at the momment ...I love the Hujoo big heads ...and my Lati with the yellow body ....not keen on the specials ..
      so I could see her fitting in with my crew ...

      who sells these tinys ? can you buy direct ...I cant find a paypal button or anything like ?
    10. I like her too, she is indeed quite Lati-like but not in a bad way. Being a former Pullip fan, I think her head size is just fine :D

      Tinybear, you can purchase them through Rozen Garden at least :)
    11. thanks Elina
      bookmarking it

      yeah Im kinda fond of my Big-Eds too ,...I dont have as many ..but I do have more than my fair share of Blythe and Pullip ...

      checked out the prices ...the MSD and SD arnt badly priced at all ...so I am hopeing little Leile will be too ...its a bit close to Christmas to be thinking of buying
      but Hey ...its almost January ROFL

      I am trying to limmit myself ..in 2009 .....add a little restraint ...go on Holiday
      no more larger dolls ( Only Johnny )
      But I do have a couple of heads I have to sell ...1 in 1 out :D and I cant resist a tiny ...I only hope she has a jointed torso ...I am fond of jointed torso`s
    12. Tinybear, you could also try Jack/Renaissancefashion on ebay. He sells B&G in his store there.
      I'm sure he would list this new doll for you very fast if you let him know that you want her.
    13. I am planning to get one also but need to know the price also. I love my lati yellow and I like the big head :)
    14. I also have issues with her head size. I would have preferred a 25 cm doll. IMO the proportions are way off. ~Gus

    15. thankies Sharkyra ..I will take a look

      ChinaDoll Im trying to find out the price now ...as soon as I know anything I will post :gingerbreadman
    16. I'm also quite intrigued, I'd like some body shots though:) She's got such an adorable little face and she's just growing on me more and more each time I go back to look:XD:
    17. Someone in the news thread posted the doll will be about $60.00---I really can't believe that, unless she is naked with no eyes, wig or faceup!
    18. SDs are $330, MSDs are $190, if that gives you guys any kind of idea.
    19. I don't know if this has ever been discussed, but it seems to me that most companies charge just as much or MORE for tiny dolls than they do for MSD's. I don't understand the reasoning on this, they are using WAY less resin--but of course maybe they are harder to work with.