New Doll [NEW] Basic Grace Girl "Lily" Release!!

Mar 13, 2017

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello, it's Little Monica! :XD:

      Today we are pleased to release Grace Harmony line 'Lily' and Grace Harmony girl body.
      We initiate release event on this product wishing this loved with interesting.

      Thank you.
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    2. [​IMG]

      [Event] Event for release of Lily, selling of Grace girl body! :3nodding:

      1) 10% discount in purchase of Lily full doll as the event for release of Lily

      Lily head + harmony body = $545.00 -> $490.50
      Lily head + Grace body = $590.00 -> $531.00

      Lily full doll's 10% discount event will be effective from
      13 March 2017 to 27 March 2017(KST 16:00). Please enjoy this event.

      2) Free heel legs in purchase of 'Grace girl body' or 'Grace girl Full Doll'

      Heel legs parts will be given at free of charge to everybody who purchases Grace girl body and Grace girl full doll.

      Event period: 13 March 2017 ~ 27 March 2017(KST 24:00)

      Lily and Grace girl body will be sold as the Basic line.
      We hope this would be loved with interesting.

      Thanks a lot.
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    3. She is stunning - I like her realistic face! Is there any plans to make her in darker resin? I'd love her in tan! And more realistic Little Harmony sculpts like Lily :love
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    4. I agree. Can we bring back the darker resin colors please? The darker resins you offered before were so beautiful!
    5. Thanks for your good evaluation of Lily. :blush

      We don't have any specific release schedule of Lily tan skin right now.
      But we prepare to have Limited skin sales event after of this summer.

      Thanks a lot.
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    6. She is absolutely gorgeous!!

      Is there any chance you might release a Little Harmony version of her sometime in the future?
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