New Doll [NEW] Basic Little Harmony "Rarity" Release !

Jan 19, 2021

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      Hello, we're Little Monica. ^^
      Today, as we have announced, a new Basic Little Harmony "Rarity" has been released.
      "Little Girl Eco Body" was also released with Rarity.
      Please show your love and support.
      Rarity is going to be sold continuously as a basic line, so please show a lot of love.

      Thank you.
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      [NEW] New body "Little Girl Echo Body" release and part gift event!

      Hello, we're Little Monica. ^^

      As I told you, "Little Girl Eco-Body" has been released today.
      "Little Girl's Eco-Body" is a new improvement in the joint operability of the existing basic baby girl body,
      and has been supplemented so that it is not difficult to pose by improving the arms, wrists, waist, knees, etc.
      (Same as existing base girls in body line or compatibility.)

      The new type, "Rarity," was filmed with an eco-body,
      and for more detailed photos, please refer to the body product page.

      With the release of "Little Girl Eco-Body," we will hold an Echo Fist Parts gift event that is compatible with Eco-Body.
      (The wrist parts of the Echo Fist Parts are compatible with the Echo Basic Parts hand parts. However, it is not fully compatible and we recommend that you purchase it separately.)
      Customers who have purchased the "Little Girl Eco-Body" during the event will receive Echo Fist Parts free of charge.
      Also, for customers who purchase full doll with "Little Girl Eco-Body" within the event period, we will present the Little Girl Feel fit parts along with the Echo Fist Parts!

      Presentation Event Period - 16:00 January 19 2021 - 18:00 February 10 2021 (KST)

      Please show a lot of interest in the product released this time and participate in the event at the same time.

      Thank you.
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