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New Batchix release, Lagoon!

Jun 28, 2011

    1. [​IMG]

      Pre-Order is closed! Thanks to everyone who made this possible! Doll sets will arrive at the end of September!

      You can still buy basic Lagoon in either White Skin or Natural Skin blank on my website!
      Face-ups are $35, no clothing included.

      I'm pleased to offer you all my new doll, Lagoon! She's a 42cm slim mini available in white and normal skin.

      Ordering information is up on my page!

      white and normal skin resin comparisons

    2. Can she be ordered blank, with no face up? If so what is the price?
    3. I'm not sure, I will ask! :D
    4. [​IMG]


      We're definitely going with the regular urethane white!

      For more info you can go here: http://batchix.livejournal.com/1270713.html

      Face-ups: You can order your doll with or without a face-up. The face-up shown above is a custom I did, but if you'd like something similar by the company's artist just make a note when you check out. free face-ups are only available for the pre-order! after the pre-order is done the face-up will be $35

    5. Order is definitely a go! I have enough pre-orders!

      Just a reminder! This is the last week for the Lagoon Pre-order and free face-up and eyes! There's also a few spaces left for the free outfit!

      I've also added a check out on my etsy if you're more comfortable going through there: http://www.etsy.com/listing/79021102/pre-order-for-lagoon-bjd

      thanks to everyone who's ordered!
    6. Pre-order is over! thanks to everyone who ordered!

      I have received word that the dolls will be sent to me at the end of September! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!